31 October 2008

Blogger Meet Up

For those that forgot, I'm still planning on doing this blogger meetup tomorrow. We're going to this corn maze to run around and act a fool. If you scared go to church!!!

Date: Nov 1st
Time: 8pm (the lady said it takes 2 hours to complete the adult maze)

Location: Montpelier Farm

1714 Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


if your think your coming drop me an email so I can send you my cell number. Just in case someone gets lost or needs directions. Here is an aerial view of the maze.

(click to enlarge)

Thats all I got today folks, I'm kinda crashing from the icing sugar high I got when I was "taste testing" the cupcakes. I think I need to eat plenty of fruits and veggies this weekend. Wait today is Halloween, I'll get to that tomorrow.. lol

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

30 October 2008

Mr. Mom/Episode 4

I'm hype today. Eariler this week I volunteered to make cupcakes for my daughter's Halloween party at school. I've never made them before but I know I was going to give it a try. I ended up useing a box cake mix but I made the icing from scratch. I've never decorated anything before but like how they came out, honestly you can't tell me shyt today, I'm the greatest MF ever created... lol Here's some pics:

In other cooking news, here's the new episode of Cookin With Dave. if you want the recipe, or wanna see somemore pics you can head over there and check it out.

Cookin' With Dave (Episode 4): Shrimp Pasta from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

29 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt The Bet

A couple people asked about the Rum Cake here is the recipe... enjoy!!

We all know I work in an interesting place. I should say I work with interesting people because the actual place is boring as hell. This tale involves 2 people I work with. A lady who we'll call "Bosslady" not because she is my boss but because I'm pretty sure she is someone's boss. She's basically a MILF, she is in her 40's but her body is about a 8 and her face is about a 6. The kind of woman who if she threw it at you you'd be hard pressed to turn her down. The second player in this story we'll call "The Steeler" because he is a die hard steelers fan. He's the kind of guy who doesn't keep girlfriends long because he gets bored easily. He suffers from relationship ADD like yours truly.

Anyway bosslady and steeler constantly flirt with each other. They have worked together for years. She comes over and rubs her tata's in his face when she gives him a hug. Basically there is plenty of sexual tension between the too. Yes there is sexual tension even after our sexual harassment issues. So one day they made a bet that if Steeler can keep a girlfriend for 4 months he can have 1 night with Bosslady to do what ever he wants. If he lost she would get him for 1 night. Sounds like a win win right? not really, see while he is thinking kinky nasty thoughts.... She is thinking more like clean her bathroom with a toothbrush.

So like 5 min after they make the bet she leaves and Steeler is thinking about finding a girl to date. Well me being me, I suggested that he doesn't have to date someone 4 months he just has to introduce Bosslady to a girl that's willing to say they have been dating that long. I know I have a couple female friends who will lie and say we have been dating for months if I buy them cheesecake factory, you gotta love women... lol. So after explaining this to Steeler I solve all his problems and crowned a genius and all is well with the world.

Fast forward a couple months. I forgot all about the bet and nobody has mentioned it so I'm thinking it was all a joke. Then Steeler says he has a friend that will lie for him and he already planned how to work it out. So I guess the bet is still on. I kinda feel bad aiding someone running game like that but they all grown, I can't be held responsible for that right?

27 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

What's up good people, This weekend I didn't do much, Me and the baby hit up my jobs halloween party on saturday. It was cool, free food and drinks. we didn't dress up but we saw some "interesting" costumes including some chick covered in newspaper and caution tape talking about she the stock market crash. Yeah ok, I'm a sensitive to all stock market talk. My 401k lost 12% this year. Anyway we also saw a black dude dress up as Zorro, leather pants and all. He was walking around with 2 white girls dressed as pirates. My first thought was pimp but my daughter said he was a black superman. Anyway the baby got her caricature drawn by this dude. We were standing there and I'm watching him draw this mess thinking that it looks nothing like my daughter. All the while people behind me talking about how good he is. Here's the drawing, personally I hate it but I'll hang it up just the same.

I made this Rum cake on sunday. I think I put too much rum in it. It's damn good though, just not sure if the baby can have some.

Oh yeah some of ya'll might have noticed I had a cooking blog on my profile for a little while, It was private because it was under construction, you know I wouldn't block ya'll out like that. I wanted to post it when I had a new episode to put up. So head over to The Cookin With Dave blog to see a new episode. As usual let me know what you think, every episode Joe Producer is adding something new and this is no exception.