14 November 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

I can't think of a real post so we'll just go with some random stuff...

1. Did I say there would be a new Cookin with Dave Episode today? yes? Well forget I said that. Maybe next week... lol

2. I love my lurkers... they send me emails, try and hook me up with random relatives, ask for directions around the city, Even "Follow" me... their the best. Wait if they have contacted me do they count as lurkers? hhhmmm. Last I check like 78 people subscribed to this lil blog. 78!!! Hi lurkers *waves* feel free to email me, I really do respond.. lol

3. Whats that whole "Follow" this blog thing anyway? Where does my blog go? and why am I not aware that it's moving? maybe I should "Follow" myself. Is that possible?

4. I saw on the news that comcast responds to complaints left on message boards. They have a group of like 5 people that surf the net looking for people who complained about them. You know your customer service is crap when you have to hire a team of people just to apologize for them.. lol

5. I am quickly becoming my only single friend again. This damn "winter bunning" as CeCe puts it is some BS. Yes I'm kinda hating.. lol

6. One Man asked me for a recipe to feed his family. He said he needed it by Wednesday. Dude I tried.. I really did. I can't think of anything. You see I'm already doing reader submissions on the cooking show. I'm quickly running out of things to cook myself.. lol I'm assuming you will have to feed them again so if I think of something I'll let you know.

7. I wanna put out a public service announcement to all you bamma's coming to DC for the inauguration. Please don't litter!!! the city gets dirty enough as it is. No turkey leg bones on the white house lawn and please don't let me see you grilling by the Washington Monument. That weekend is going to be crazy. I already see the club promoters making up crazy flyers about the Inauguration "After Party". Rest assured me and Joe the Producer will be on scene to cover it... lol

8. Did you know people are renting out their apts for that week? not even cheap, for like 8g's!!! I might be living with my mom that week if I can bank 8 grand.

9. I've been listening to this song non-stop all week. I love it on so many levels.

Jay-Z History:

12 November 2008


I wrote like 3 blogs before this one but I decided that I shouldn't post family business, unless it's funny of course. In short I'm cool but my family is falling apart. Changes are abound, it's times like these that I wish my dad and I were closer. I need a confidant that understands my family. Basically I need some advice and I don't know who to ask. everyone I would usually ask arethe people I need advice about. So it's just me and my thoughts, that can't be good...

Anyway me and Joe The Producer filmed another episode of Cookin With Dave yesterday. Here's a pic of him in his robotic arm harness.

I had to hide his face because he doesn't want to be known. He thinks he will have groupies running up to him in the street. He's so pressed to put me all over the internet but refuses to put himself out there but hey that's family for you.. lol I had a better pic with him in full Iron Man gear but he didn't want me to post it. Anyway next episode should be up by the end of the week, I'll have something better to blog about tomorrow.

10 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up... Why?

My weekend was full of the question "why?" My daughter asked me why like 8 billion times. Sure they started out easy enough...

Daddy, why do we have a tounge?
Daddy, why do we have hands?
Daddy, Why do we have ears?

Then they started to get a lil harder...

Daddy, why are there trees?
Daddy, why do we have streets?
Daddy, why do we have cars?

Then they got damn near impossible to answer

Daddy, Why do we need worms?
Daddy, Why do we need crickets?

I mean can you really give someone answer as to why we NEED worms? I don't need worms do I? I had to really think about it. I don't like thinking on the weekend. Especially since I know any answer I give will be stored as a scientific fact in her little mind. I can't give some crazy off the wall answer because I know she will remember it forever. Like when she asked if crickets lived in the grass and I said "yes". Now I can't walk in the grass because the crickets live there and I'm ruining their home.

So besides the never ending Why questions we chilled out most the weekend. I tried to make some buttermilk mashed potatoes that came out horrible. I but too much buttermilk in them, i was rushing and trying to do too much at once. I'll try again tonight maybe. I never realized how quickly buttermilk expires. I bought some on Sunday (nov 8th) and it's set to expire Nov 11th, what kind of shyt is that? All the bottles were like that too, maybe that's why I don't use it much. I need food that has a shelf life. I also did a version of DTW's pecan crusted porkchops. Only I used Talipia, it came out good, I might have to add it to my recipe book.