05 December 2008

Real Dave vs Super Dave

You ever meet people who seem to have a whole different personality online? I feel like that sometimes like Super Dave is a whole different person. Lets take a deeper look at the 2 Daves

Super Dave has 218 myspace friends and 34 facebook ones

Real Dave has like 15 friends. That's actually being generous.

Super Dave will chat with you thru IM/email all day

Real Dave will only call you if I need something. Like really really need it.

Super Dave rambles on and on on his blog

Real Dave is pretty quiet and never feels the need to say anything

Super Dave seems to always be into something

Real Dave gets bored outta his damn mind on the weekends

Super Dave seems like he is always cooking

Real Dave cooks like twice a week and munches on leftovers all week

Super Dave could get a date a day

Real Dave goes on maybe 1 a month.

I could go on but you get the point. I feel like when I type about my life it's not me. Like I must be 2 different people or maybe I just type it more exciting then it really happened. It's all actual fact and I don't even blog about half the stuff that happens to me. Like I just came from the bathroom and saw this dude shoving a water bottle up his nose over the sink. WTH was he doing? Real Dave is surrounded by craizness.... lol

04 December 2008

Common Sense Court

Did I ever mention the common sense court? I think we should have a separate court for people who don't use common sense. It can have separate punishment and everything. For example people who give toddlers liquor or weed should just get their ass kicked or get left in a cage with a hungry wild lion. It's simple and free. Why waste tax dollars on simple ass people? Hell it can even be considered a type of work release for the guys in prison. Some of them just need to beat someones ass every now and then, why not funnel that into punishing people who are just too stupid to know common sense? If a man rapes someone why not let some dude in prison rape them... repeatedly. You don't need to lock them up for 5 years, just 6 months with dude who has life sentence and a broomstick. Justice served.

Anyway I'm reminded of this because of Plaxico Burress. This bamma decided to take a loaded gun into a club tucked in his sweatpants. SWEATPANTS!!! you can't tuck shyt into sweatpants, Anything in sweatpants pockets weights them down. I hate keeping my keys and phone in my pockets when I have sweats on. This fool wanted to carry a loaded gun in them. Plus he took it into a night club. First off when did clubs let you wear sweats in? must be nice to be rich and famous. Second if you felt like you needed the gun you shouldn't have been there. No groupie love is worth that. i don't go places where I need to carry a gun, and I'm not even rich. That seems like common sense. Why cant he just hire a bodyguard? he already was in trouble with his team eariler this year. He deserved to shoot himself. I don't even think this should go to court. Suspend him, Cut him off the team and let him live with the fact that he's the dumbass that shot himself in the club. If you shot yourself and your job fired you, you'd be hella pissed right?

02 December 2008

thanksgiving/weekend wrapup

What it do people? First I wanna thanks everyone who wished me a happy b-day. I'm sorry I posted the longest shyt I've ever written, If you didn't read it I don't blame you.. lol I promise to keep this post short.

My weekend could be summed up with 2 words. Man cold. I've been sick since Wednesday. Cooking with a cold is sooo not cool. Thanksgiving came out real good though, I don't have any pics because the battery in my camera died. Just imagine a bunch of good food lol.

For my birthday my friend invited me to go to visit her in Atlantic City. Since I had never there been I packed my cold medicine up and headed out. Can I tell you something? I hate Jersey. The place is sooo backwards. No left turns, crazy street signs and I even saw a Christmas parade 2 days after thanksgiving. Who does that? And you can't even pump your own gas, this bamma put like half a tank of the wrong gas in my car before I realized it. I hate jersey... lol But besides that I had a good time. I also hate holiday traffic, Took me 2.5 hours to drive up there and 4 to get back. That's some BS. Anyway I'm gone, man cold or no man cold I'ma have to put my christmas tree up this week.