12 December 2008

Video Fun

So I'm playing catchup today. Here are those videos I promised forever ago. The corn maze is below and a new episode of Cookin' With Dave is up on the site

Cookin with Dave

Here is the Corn Maze Video, It's like 20 min long, kinda dark but you get an idea of how the maze was. You can hear me talking but the star is Kayellejaye. I was behind the camera. Anyway enjoy....

Corn Maze '08 from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

Random Conversations

Here are some conversations I've had with different people:

Cuzzo1: Man I love my mom, without her I'd be out on the street right now..
Me: yeah man moms are great..

10 min later.....

Cuzzo1: How much do you pay in child support
Me: i pay $$$$$
Cuzzo1: Wow.. I wouldn't even pay my mom that
Me: lol


Me: I'm looking for some new cologne, any recommendations?
CeCe: Check our Girbaud
Me: what's it smell like?
CeCe: A gainfully employed black man
Me: ooohh I don't wanna smell like that
CeCe: what?


KGB: I'm looking to reinvent myself, what should I be?
Me: My Wife?
Me: damn!


Cuzzo2: Man I met another girl online!
Me: you internet pimping?
Cuzzo2: Man this marriage is killing my personal like
Me: lol... if only you weren't married you could be dating
Cuzzo2: They all want a piece of Teddy Ruxpin but he already sold
Me: lmao...

Have a good weekend people!

09 December 2008

Tagged... Twice!!!

Do I got tagged twice in the last couple days. I'll combine them into 1 post because I'm cool like that.

My favorite Wisconsin girl QB (ok ok she's the only person I know in Wisconsin) tagged me with this:

The rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So my random facts...

1. My childhood nickname until I was like 20 was Monsta, don't ask.
2. I've ask this girl at my job to marry me like 3 times. She said I need to go to Jared's... lol
3. I took German in high school
4. I not allergic to anything that I've found
5. I've never broken a bone
6. Growing up in Cali my best friends were white
7. I have no idea what "meme" means people use it all the time in different contexts. It's just a made up word I'm sure.

A.)Pass this on to 7 people:

BDD doesn't negotiate with terrorists or tag other people

Then the PYT Casual Butterfly tagged me with this:

A.)Pass this on to 7 people:

Why is it alway 7 people? I refuse to be told what to do... lol

B.)Answer the following questions using only one word.

where is your cell phone? desk

where is your significant other? who?

your hair color? Black

your mother? home

your father? Cali

your favorite thing? watch

your dream last night? blank

your dream/goal? CEO

the room you're in? office

your hobby? Cooking

your fear? Snakes

where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive

where were you last night? Home

what you're not? rich

one of your wish list items? Watch

where you grew up? Oceanside

the last thing you did? internet

what are you wearing? T-shirt

your tv? 56

your pet? Fish

your computer? works

your mood? Cool

missing someone? nope

your car? Fast

something you're not wearing? Make-up

favorite store? Vegas

your summer? Hot

love someone? Baby

your favorite color? Gray

when is the last time you laughed? Today

last time you cried? grandma

are you a b*tch? nope

favorite position? PointGuard

favorite past time? Sleep

are you a hater or a lover? Lover

are you genuine or fake? Genuine

any vices? Many

pro life or wire hanger? Pro-Choice

mccain or obama? Powell

pro plastic or natural? Natural

dream job? teacher

08 December 2008


You this Shyt? some Bitch Ass Nigga wrote on my car with a sharpie! Please excuse my language I'm a lil upset about it. I got off work drove all the way home then notice this shyt. My first thought was damn the Baby drew on my car! but then I didn't see it this morning so it must have happened at the train station. That's what I get for parking in the hood. They couldn't even write a word on it, I mean if you going to mark up my shyt at least put you lame ass gang's name on it or something. You know the Happy Street Chain Skull Mob or something, They just scribbled shyt. Luckily I had a Clorox bleach pen in the house. That and some elbow grease cleaned it up. No insurance claims for the kid! Before ya'll go and say it was some stalker broad I dogged out don't think it didn't cross my mind. I try and only deal with sane women, none petty enough to do this. Or at least I think they are a quality of women to put more thought and effort into it. You know the type to write DOG, Womanizer, Man Whore or something creative not just a retarded 10 and half a cloud... lol I'm playing I don't have no stalker, bitter, crazy Exes. Just lame ass car vandelizers.

Christmas in the city

This weekend I took the baby downtown to see the National Christmas tree. Did I mention how much I love this city? Every time I roam around the national mall and act like a tourist I find something different and this weekend was no exception. I could sit here and type about it but I took a bunch of pictures so here are some.

National Christmas Tree

National Christmas Tree and The Capitol

Ulysses S Grant memorial overlooking Washington monument. This is the view from the capitol lawn

Lady carrying an umbrella, this threw me off because it wasn't raining/snowing and there was no sun to shade so I don't know why she needed the umbrella

Construction at the capitol for the Inauguration

Random columned building. All the buildings have some kind of columns.

J Edgar Hoover FBI Building, celebrating 100 years!!

Washington monument

Some War Memorial, I liked the torch.

Ok so now imagine your 4 years old, your cold but still running around having fun chasing squirrels when you look over and see this

A bunch of Santa's and Santa's helpers leaving the Washington monument

So your chillin when 200 Santa's walk directly past you saying "merry Christmas and giving away candy and toys.

It looked something like this

The gift haul after the Santa's left.

Christmas tree in front of the white house

I was surrounded by 53 little trees, 1 from each state and territory

The Obama's future residence

Another random columned building

A random Christmas tree

And after seeing all that I had to go home and put up my tree, I know it's blurry but I couldn't get a clear pic. Merry Christmas!!!