19 December 2008

More Tagging

Can you believe my favorite antagonist Sharon tagged me? She got some damn nerve right? I know I officially banned all tags a while ago, why don't people listen? The terrorists will not win!!!

That said I'll answer the questions....

Same rules as all the other tags:
Link back to the person who tagged you. Answer the questions Tag 7 other bloggers (it's always 7, people need to be more creative) Let them know in the comments they were tagged. (we know I'm not tagging anyone right? ok)

10 random things about me:

I stepped on a toothpick as a kid

I used to be a good artist

I got like 920 on my SAT's

I've never been outside the country

I have 1 tattoo

I've had exactly 3 real jobs in my life

I used to share a 1 bedroom apt with my mom

I don't know how to play Bones

I had a broken heart when I was 5

I can't wait to the the biggie movie.

9 ways to win my heart:




9 is alot.. I'm skipping the rest

8 things I want to do before I die:

Sky dive

Travel to Earth

Drive cross country

Run my own business

fall in love

see my grandchildren


Sail a long distance (not like around the world but like from Florida to Maine

7 ways to annoy me:

interrupt my sleep for anything but food or sex

ignore me when I am talking

complain a lot

Talk too much

treat others badly

Enjoy being ignorant

Being needy

6 things I believe in:



The power of Family


The Goodness of People

Drew a Blank....

5 things I am afraid of:

losing my daughter

losing my mother

Thanks it folks...

4 of my favorite things



The Innanet

My family

3 things I do daily:


use the bathroom


2 things I want to do within the hour:

Fix this server

Buy a watch

1 person I want to see right now:

Sharon so I can kick her square in the butt crack... lol

17 December 2008

Exit Interviews

Have you ever been on an exit interview? you know when you leave a job and they interview you to see what went wrong and how they can improve the company?

Wouldn't that be cool to have exit interviews with people we date? Like after it was over you can sit down and calmly discuss why it wasn't working strictly for the purpose of growing? Most relationships end in an argument or with 1 party going missing. You usually don't get a chance to really discuss what went wrong. I got to thinking about this because a couple folks I know are getting out of relationships and one of my past ones hit me back up. I'll use her as an example.

Bridesmaid (that link also includes a pic of me in a tux... you know you wanna see it.. lol) hit me up on thanksgiving day asking if she could come past... I didn't answer the phone because I'm pretty much done with her. I was raised on Biggie, I don't chase them I replace them.. lol. Her calling did get me thinking about how we could have worked if she wasn't so flaky. For my new readers and those that forgot Bridesmaid was a chick I met at my god-sisters wedding earlier in the year. We dated over the summer and kinda fell off because she is a lil too flaky. By flaky I mean we would make plans and it would go something like this:

Her: ok I'm about to leave, I'll be there in 15min
Me: ok
*1.5 hours later*
Me: You ok?
Her: yeah I'm still in the house, something came up, I'ma leave in a few
Me: ok
*2hours later*
Me: ????
Her: I'm leaving now.

And so on. This became her habit. Meaning I knew she was going to do it before it even happened. Now at first I just figured she was dating another dude and was creeping with me. Then I got to talking to my god-sister about it and it turns out she does the exact same thing when they go out. So it's just how she is, nothing personal against me. That's cool but I'm not going to deal with it. So I got M.I.A and just went about my life.

Then she calls me up. I keep thinking if she can not be flaky we could be cool. It's not like I don't like her, I just can't deal with the BS. See that's something I would say in an exit interview. Maybe it could help her in a future relationship. Maybe she can tell me some stuff I need to improve. I think it can be a productive thing, provided you can keep you feelings out of it.

16 December 2008

Broke Dating

This post is inspired by this girl i saw yesterday on the train. She stared me dead in my eyes for like 10 seconds and I didn't say a word. It was early and my brain wasn't functioning yet. I kinda remember her face but I definitely remember her coat. It was like a cream wool trench, pretty nice... lol

sidebar: You like how I always talk about the girls I DON'T talk to huh. I think we already discussed why I don't mention people I DO date. It's bad JuJu. moving on...

As she stood 1 foot away from me on the train my mind decided to wake up and I got to thinking about I loose all desire to date based on my bank account. When I'm broke women are the furtherest thing from my mind. When I go out I like to not be on a budget. I don't want to have $40 and give some girl an evil eye because she ordered a steak... lol. I'd much rather just focus on having a good time and not how much it's going to cost. This is within reason of course, I only spoil my daughter.

I just hate counting the drinks at a bar and doing the math in my head or being out and not being able to do something I want to do because it's not in the budget. Like going to dinner then deciding to catch a movie, only you can't because your broke. That's the worst.. lol.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the girl on the train and why I didn't speak to her, other than the fact that my bank account directly effects my confidence. Even though the girl doesn't know, me knowing what I can and cant afford effects me. I get into a "whats the point" frame of mind. Like even if I do get her number I'm not going to ask her out because I can't afford to go anywhere. Granted I could always get her number and stall till I'm able to have some fun. I realize my logic doesn't make sense but that's why it's mine and not yours.. lol.

Oh yeah that girl got off at my stop too, she works around here so I'm sure I'll see her again. Hopefully she will have the same coat on so I can recognize her... lol

15 December 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was pretty boring. I took my niece to the mall on Saturday, it was PACKED!!! I bought like 2 things from the hallmark store and did some window shopping. I rarely go to the mall so it's always interesting to see the new stuff. My niece took me to this store called Lush. They sell handmade cosmetics and other strange crap. It's a girls store, the most interesting thing I saw was a "Bath Bomb" which is a softball sized ball that you drop in the bathtub. It's supposed to fizzle and fill the room with smells. I don't even take baths but it looked interesting. I'd be scared It would make me smell like I bathed in a body Works store, but I'm sure women love it. Any way my niece is funny, she so indecisive. When your only uncle asks you what you want for christmas you really should be prepared with an answer. Well a better answer than $120 Ray Ban glasses. She's 16... 16!!! I feel old. I got my hair cut saturday morning and my barber mentioned my ever growing gray hair collection.

Sunday I chilled in the house. My house is a mess. I cleaned the basement some and cleaned my bathrooms. I need to do a ton of laundry and put away some already clean clothes. I hate cleaning. Did I ever mention that? I gathered a bunch of my daughters toys up and donated them. I do this every year before christmas. She'll get more and she will never miss what I got rid of. Anyway Happy Monday!!