27 December 2008

X-Mas Wrap-up

So my Christm,as was great. The baby proclaimed I was "The Best Daddy Ever!!" So I guess she was happy with her stuff. On top of that I actually got a great gift from my family. See usually my mom and sister don't even bother asking me what I want. They figure it's somethig they can't afford so they get me other stuff that's nice but I can't really use. I enjoy giving more than reciving anyway. I was expecting a tie or something, So imagine my suprise when I opened this:

That's right a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer!!! I was hyped. I had just been trying to steal my uncles mixer. He refused to give it up so my mom and sis hooked me up. Just think about all the crap I'ma mix up. Is it bad that I'm a grown man and I'm excited about a mixer? I don't care I wanted it.. lol

Then My niece gave me a apron that she handmade:

It's gangsta.. in a serial killer letter kinda way... No really I love it too. It really repesents the kinda high quality production and materials we use on Cookin With Dave.. lol Did I mention she might film the next episode? No? well she might.

I'll wrap this up with my favorite gift to my daughter, An Obama Action Figure!!!

Tell me that's not the greatest thing ever, it barely even looks like him... lol

23 December 2008

Random Stuff

Remember that pie I mentioned yesterday? That shyt is CRACK!!! no really I might not make a regular sweet potato pie again. It's like sweet potato and sugar coated pecans. It's going into the recipe book. I usually print out some recipes and if it's good I put it in my handy dandy recipe book. That joint is a keeper.

I forgot to mention that I successfully learned how to play Bones this weekend. That's right I got my black card back.. lol

I have a theroy that good looking women don't work early in the morning. I get on the train around 6:30 7:00 am and it's just me, security guards, construction workers and old people. If I'm late to work and get on the train around 8am it's like a damn Maxwell concert. Fine women everywhere! I notice the same theme in the afternoon. The later in the day the more eye candy.

Have you seen the family that had 18 kids? 18!!! not even adopted. This lady spent a good part of the last 20 years preggers. That's crazy. All the kids names begin in J what kind of confusion crap is that?

I'm not into reality shows but I find myself watching Secret Millionaire it's a fox show where millionaire's pretend to be poor and search for people who help others. If they find someone in need they cut them a check to help. It's really a good show and you can't watch it without feeling like you should be giving back.

22 December 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend went by pretty quick. On friday i went on a hunting for a honey baked ham. My mom wanted one for christmas so I had to find one. They were sold out at 1 store so i had to drive across town to pick it up. Problem solved.

Saturday my cuzzo had a christmas party so I told her I'd make my red velvet cupcakes. I wanted an outside opinion about them. Here are some pics...

I think the icing makes them

I took them to the party and everyone loved them. Funny thing is I never like to be around when people eat my stuff. I just want to know after the fact. I hate the attention. people ask a bunch of questions, i just want a smile or a grunt, no more no less. So my aunt is telling me how good they were and my uncle is teasing me about baking red velvet. Even this dude who was a trained chef teased me. This bamma trained in france!!! I trained in PG county... lol good times... good times. The baby got to play with her cousins so she was in heaven.

On Sunday I took my neice shopping again. for the record I never bought the glasses. We were in a book store and she was drooling over some Twilight crap. I need to make a teanage movie to get rich. I asked her if she wanted the book for christmas? she said yeah, so I coped it for her. I'ma make her wrap it up and everything. Yes she will have to wrap her own gift, I hate wrapping presents. I was really considering putting the gifts in brown paper bags and stapling them shut.

Anyway sunday night I decided to bake this sweet potato pecan pie mocha dad sent me. Little did I know the thing would have to sit for 24hours before I could eat it! I was highly pissed. Here's a pic of it, unfortunately I don't know how it tastes yet:

I did realize something while I was baking. I really enjoy baking more than cooking, it's more relaxing. I kinda zoned out and listened to the football game as I baked up the pie. I swear I'd bake shyt all day if I didn't have to worry about eating it. I might just start selling baked goods out my trunk, right next to the t-shirts... lol