30 December 2009

Because you knew it was coming...

So you remember the girl from the "Unsaid Things" post???

Yeah she's my new girl. Yes she reads the blog so feel free to offer her you condolences... lol

What? don't side eye the screen like that... I know I said I was done with women in 2009 but the year IS almost over. Technically we didn't even traditionally date first. I've known her for over a year so why bother will all that. They say friends make the best relationships right?

Seriously, stop rolling your eyes. You should be focused on placing bets to see how long it will last... lol I mean I DO have a track record. So much so one of my friends is already down for 6 months... lol #imjustsayin (yes I use hashtags outside of twitter)

Anyway I might not post again till the new year, so ya'll be safe out there. Try and NOT make the news unless its for saving a life or something positive.

28 December 2009

MNF recap

So if you follow me on twitter you might have noticed I went to the redskins game last monday. They were playing the Giants and I completely forgot to blog about it.

The night was rules by the cold and crazy NY fans. On dude in particular talked soo much shyt that a drunken redskins fan wanted to fight him. Drunk fans are the best. Dispite the fact that the Skins got crushed and hearing the stadium go crazy every time the Giants scored (with cheers not boos) I had fun. No really if your a Giants fan and want to move DC apparently have a healthy population for you to join.

Anyway here are some pics:

26 December 2009

Holiday Hustle

This is a random story post. And it covers 2 days. So put your snuggie on and enjoy...

It started on Wedensday, I had just left dinner with my friend (Nandos in chinatown is great btw) and I was near the metro station. This dude walked up on me and our convo went something like this:

Dude: *handing me a cd* whats up dude this is my album, I'm getting indicted out of barry farms

*note barry farms is a hood in DC, one of the more notorious ones

Me: *laughing* oh for real?

Dude: That's not funny man, I got interviewed about it yesterday.
Me: Man it's only funny because you said it like a sales pitch
Dude: I'd appreciate anything you can give me
Me: I don't have any cash
Dude: there is a ATM over there you can get $10 out of there...
Me: Yeah I'm not going to the ATM for this
Dude: That's real petty man, your never going to get your blessings like that
Me: *walking away* that's cool

Mind you dude never even told me his name or what kind of music it was. I can only assume it was rap since he was getting indicted lmao.

Fast forward to the next day, christmas eve. Me and my buddy are in chinatown doing some last minute christmas shopping. We walk out the store and BAM there is dude again. He stops me again and our convo went something like this:

Dude: Ayyyee man, I saw you before
Me: Yeah I saw you last night
Dude: You see I'm not out here playing, can you help me out today?
Me: Aight man I got you
*I proceed to get my money out my pocket*
Dude: Man that 10 looks good
Me: Yeah it sure does, Ima give you 2
Dude: come on man?
Me: Man my baby needs gifts
Dude: come on man I got rent to pay every month...
Me: Me too!! what you think I don't live anywhere?
Dude: aight man, well can you just get me this time and I'll hit you with a CD later?
Me: That's cool *hands him the $2*
Dude: Thanks man *puts out hand to give me dap*
Me: *gives him dap* Good luck on the indictment man
Dude: I don't like that man, I don't like that at all
Me: *laughing again* What man, I'm serious good luck
Dude: Both Malcom X and Martin Luther King went to jail man

At that point I turn and walk away, I was done with dude. I don't know what he was being indicted for but I'm sure it wasn't anything like what MLK got arrested for. Plus he didn't even want to give me his album! not that I wanted to hear it but still... I told my friend about the dude before we went to chinatown, I always think when I tell people random stories they don't believe me. I told her how I laughed at him and he didn't like it. After seeing the
dude her main comment was "you must have left a lasting impression on him. You really did laugh in his face"

The moral to this story is 1. remember to laugh, funny stuff happens all the time. 2. have witnesses, When I tell people this story for years to come I have someone who can verify that it actually happened lol

23 December 2009

Head vs Heart

So I have this daily battle with what my head wants to do vs what my heart wants to do. See most my life I've let my brain run things, I do stuff that makes logical sense. I sit and weigh pros and cons and all that stuff. It's done me well thus far so I can't complain. Every now and then I wonder what would happen if I was one of those people who did whatever their hearts desire.

See my heart is the nice one, it wants to help everyone and get caught up in emotions. It often says things my brain wishes it wouldn't. Stuff my brain has to get me out of. My brain is a pure asshole. Its first reaction to anything is either "f.uck that" or "not my problem". My head over thinks life, which in turn takes some of the fun out of it. If my heart had it's way everything would be happy and jolly. My head complicates things, it's always thinking towards the future instead of enjoying the now.

My heart wants to give money to all the homeless people I pass. It says "pay it forward", "you have to give to get" and silly things like that. My heart sends out cupcakes and cookies to people just because they asked, My head says "you big dummy you wasting food and money!!" (my head doesn't rhyme that often though lol) My heart likes making people happy, my head could care less. In talking to me I speak of being a bigger asshole and jerk then I actually am, Only because my head does most the talking. Crazy thing is I think the best moments in my life have come from when I just followed my heart. Thats when the most fun happens.

All that said I think I'm going to let my heart make more choices, it's been coming off the bench long enough it deserves a chance to start.

20 December 2009

Snow Storm

This weekend DC got hit with 24inches of snow. Now I know you folks in Buffalo, Detroit and Maine see this all the time but us in the DMV get this maybe once every 10 years... Anyway here's my snow storm in pics:

This was on Saturday, It snowed ALL damn day

My Deck.. the day after

This my snow gear.. Only with a North Face can I just wear a undershirt and a coat lol

I have a sidewalk under there somewhere

My neighbors dug out the Christmas decorations....

Sidewalk done!

My Car's windshield is under there.

After I dug myself out I drove over to my moms house to dig out her car

Done and Done...

So besides my me and my mom I helped like 4 people dig out their cars... Honestly nothing is funnier then seeing someone try and move that much snow with a dust pan and a broom. While everyone was in the grocery store buying milk and bread some of them should have been buying a snow shovel.

16 December 2009

Christmas is coming

It just dawned on my this morning that christmas is next week! I've bought the baby 2 things and I'll probably get her a couple more. I try and not go all out for her since I know she will get gifts at her moms house too. She gets 2 Christmases every year. More importantly I need to give away some of her old toys, I need my basement to look less like a day care. Plus I get a tax write off, it's a win win.

Me and The baby put up the tree the other day. I think 5 is the prime age for this kind of stuff. She was super excited when I picked her up. I said we go home and decorate the tree and her eyes lit up. We got home and my neighbors were putting up lights outside, she was just so exited. The whole idea of lights and Christmas makes her happy now. I don't remember if it was like this last year, I swear last year it was all about the gifts, I mean she still says she wants any and everything as a gift she just seems to understand the season better.

I going to take her to go see santa this year. She has never been, she never seemed interested in it before but this year. Last week she asked me:

"Do you know Santa?"

Of course I answered "Yes I know him VERY well"

I wanted to say "I AM Santa!" but I'll let her believe in him a lil while longer. So between that and me seeing this video

I have to take her to see santa this year. If you think I'm beyond using the baby for a laugh you have not been reading long enough.

14 December 2009

My Main Man Joel

I'm not really into TV anymore. I'm not addicted to any TV shows (besides lost but that's another blog), I Hate reality TV and all these singing/dancing/talent shows bore me. When I'm at home either a movie, sport or music videos are playing (unless the baby is running the TV's then it's spoungebob or scooby doo)

That said I do catch 1 show every week. Joel Osteen... if you don't know who he is shame on you! he's a preacher out of houston, tx and has had several new york times best selling books. His preaching style is more motivational then doom and gloom. Joel is my dude, whenever I have stuff on my mind his message seems to relate. More often then not I can relate and apply his message. The week before I went to court he talking about shouting the victory even before the battle. How if you believe good things will happen then they will. All week I was telling fools to shout the victory! lol

My Sunday consist of Joel, football and grilling. Honestly that's all I need.

11 December 2009

A Day in the Life

Yesterday I have a fun day. It all started with court. Me and the BM had another court date about the child support stuff, I'm not going to go into all the details because I don't want to take a chance on it coming back on me but here are a few highlights

- Dudes rocking bubble vests and nike boots to court
- The courtroom being freezing cold
- Everyone in family court looks depressed
- Security guard at gate telling me that nobody wants to be here
- Dude rocking slacks and timbos
- BM almost getting arrested for interrupting the judge 2x
- Sheriff having to threaten the BM
- BM getting to cross examine me under oath
- My lawyer objecting half of her questions
- BM asking the most random and unimportant questions like how much I got paid for a website I designed in 2005... 2005!!!
- After court the Bailiff pulled me aside and asked how I got hooked up with that nut

And all that was before noon lol

so that evening I was supposed to meet up with my buddy for drinks. I had not seen her in a long while (she had a crazy and obsessed boyfriend, ya'll know how that goes) So were chillin, laughing, drinking and catching up. I notice this lady walks past, she was kinda cute so I noticed when she walked past a 2nd time. Then she stops at the table and asks "Excuse me, do you have a blog?" After I say yes, we laugh and exchange high fives the we all go back to what we were doing. My buddy says how awkward that would have been if she didn't know about the blog and I agree. From here on out anybody new I meet I'm telling about this lil place. If ya'll bammas going to be calling me out in public I need to be ready lol.

So anyway were chillin and the same lady comes back with some dude, my first thought was "wow hes tall" Then he introduces himself as Shawn Smith... This Shawn Smith He seemed like a cool dude, looked nothing like I would have imagined. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a pic of him. Like I said he's tall. Too tall to be my friend, He'd make me look even shorter lmao. It was a fun moment. Just another day in my life.

09 December 2009

Winter Relationships Revisited

I was telling someone how I can't remember the last time I bought a christmas gift for a girl besides my daughter. It's not that I'm cheap I just never seem to have anyone over the holidays. Then I remembered a post I did back in jan 08. It was pretty short so I'll just repost it here

As the holiday season draws to a close I'm reminded of something my uncle Curtis told me years ago. Never get a new girl in the winter. I mean Never, just too much going on for a new relationship to survive. think about it, you have Thanksgiving, where she just might meet the family. Once she meets the family they will ask about her forever, you don't need that for some girl who might not even last a month. Then you have to get her something for Christmas, which is a disaster because something too nice and your committed to buying nice things forever, something too cheap and she thinks you really don't care and she is just another jumpoff. Plus she may see the family again so they will really ask about her all the time. It's a no win. Then you have to take her out for new years, that's more money on a girl you may or may not think will last till the spring. THEN you have Valentines Day!!! which is a all girl day, dudes get squat for V-day. So you have to do something romantic for that. So in 1 season you have a years worth of relationship stuff, that's just not a good thing. Better to wait till the spring and give it all spring, summer and fall to get to know her before having to go thru all that. My uncle is a wise man, I can only hope to teach the youth as well as he taught me.

While I posted it because I though it was funny and my uncle is a fool for telling this. I think I subconsciously live it... My more recent relationships have followed that same pattern. Granted I did have a girl around valentines day this year but she just barely made it in time for that. I more summer flings then winter ones.

Anyway yeah I still got relationships on the brain... lol I promise to blog about something funny soon.

04 December 2009

Free Money!!!

Today I took this water bottle with change

and turned it into this

Damn right! $781, from change! man that money had been sitting in my closet for the longest. I only cashed it in because the bottle was heavy as hell and I was worried I'd never be able to lift it. I just started filling the bottle with loose change at the end of the day. This change used to end up on the floor. Actually it still does some days... lol But yeah not anymore I might make this a yearly Christmas tradition.

A couple stats from the pic

2 Silver Dollars (I have no idea where I got these from)
1715 Quarters
2275 Dimes
1408 Nickels
4777 Pennies

Total 781.42
Processing fee 69.55
Cash 711.87

Next time I'll take it to my bank instead of Coin Star.

02 December 2009

Unsaid Things

The other day I was chillin with my buddy talking about random things when she said:

"I can make you happy"

It was a interesting moment, I was actually speechless. I don't think anyone has said that to me so directly before. My first thought was "She didn't mean to say that" then I thought "wow, maybe she IS drunk" lol. I had no witty comeback and all I could muster was "you have to be happy before you can make someone else happy" Yeah lame I know. I was trying to bob and weave.

So anyway that got me to thinking.... what's wrong with me? A beautiful 25 y/o with no kids and a neon bright future wants to make me happy and I don't want to let her. I mean it's not like I'm not happy, I'm feel great. Seriously who passes this stuff up?

This wasn't the first time, I seem to meet the greatest women. Women who would be great wives and mothers. Women who would be good for me. We meet and hit it off, I love hanging out with them and they love hanging with me but I just refuse to actually date them. Why? idk, I always make up silly reasons. Maybe I am scared of commitment, maybe they just aren't the ones for me. Maybe I know if I date them at some point I will have to marry them, I wont have a reason not too. When me and the ex broke up I think part of me was relieved, I wouldn't have to actually buy a ring. Not that she wouldn't have deserved it but I don't know if I could have actually done it. For all my talk of getting married I'm not so sure I'm actually ready to take the plunge. It's way outside my comfort zone.

lol.. I don't have any real conclusion to this post. My words are failing me all of the sudden. Moments like this I feel real dysfunctional, like I missed some important life lesson.

01 December 2009

Movie Reviews

1st I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday... I'm sure your gifts are in the mail so I'll be patient =)

So as of late I've been catching up on some movies I missed over the summer. Here's my review of a couple

G.I Joe: It just was ok, I don't think they destroyed my memories of the cartoon. Honestly nothing is going to be the original G.I Joe movie with Cobra la la la!!!

Transformers 2: Yeah I could have done without this, the first one was amazing. Now they have a bunch of transformers I've never heard of. The best part was Devastator and they didn't even do the constructabots justice. I mean can we get a Dinobot already?

Twilight: Now I only watched this because my buddy wanted to go see new moon. I was highly unimpressed, it was a vampire love story. Not like I haven't seen 2 billion of them before. Plus the lead dude was creepy and dull.

New Moon: I actually enjoyed this, it had more action and better dialog then the first one. Besides the constantly shirtless dudes it was entertaining. It made the story more complex. The ending was WACK!! but it's one of those ending that forces you to see the next movie

Black Dynamite: Alot of people have not heard of this movie. It's only playing in select cities and DC is not one of them. I saw a trailer and decided to use all my bootleg connects to et a copy. It was either that or drive up to NYC to see a movie. Anyway I finally got a copy and let me tell you... This movie was great! I was crying laughing. It's a movie that tries to make fun of itsself. The music was good, story was just silly enough to be funny and the actors were just having fun. It's getting added to my list of classic movies. matter of fact here is the trailer Leon put up that got me hooked...

29 November 2009

Well Hello 30....

Today is my 30th birthday. Well not actually today since as usual I'm typing this in advance. Everyone is asking me what I'm doing to celebrate and honestly I don't want to do anything. I'm more then happy sitting in the house with my baby and watching spoungebob.

One thing this birthday helped me realize is just how many friends I do have. Seems like everyone offered to take me out or buy me a drink. I've been turning folks down for the past 2 weeks. Its a great blessing to know so many people care about me. I often think I don't have alot of friends but I know that's not the case. My brother's b-day was on friday, he had to work which sucked. I asked him what he was doing to celebrate his 30th, he said nothing... His wife didn't even make him breakfast. We laugh and joke about it but I know it kinda depressed him. Me and him used to celebrate together, before life got in the way. We used to be so much alike.... Now he misses the past and I'm looking forward to the future.

My mom found a bunch of old pictures of the family and I couldn't stop looking at the ones of me and my dad. You could tell we loved each other. I have no idea what happened but I know I don't remember any of that, I'm sure he does. I'm sure part of him feels bad about missing out on my life. Everytime I talk to him it seems like he is nervous, like he doesn't know what too say. I can understand though, we went so long between speaking. It's like I left a boy and came back a man. He doesn't really know me anymore, He knows that little boy from the pics. Since he lives on the other coast we never really get a chance to bond. He never got to see my grow.

Anyway for my birthday all I want is my baby. No parties, no out of town trips. I'm just looking forward to some peace with my baby momma, I just want to raise my daughter and give her a better life then I had. I just want to be a dad, I don't want to miss any of it. Some of my happiest days involve playing with her. I just want to enjoy watching her grow without all the conflict.

As you can see getting old have made me reflective.... lol I'm not sure what my future holds but I know 30 is not going to be as bad as I thought. I have a great family and plenty of great friends who love me despite my many quirks.

Oddly enough this is my 300th post.

btw... There is no excuse for my outfit in that pic, my momma obviously didn't believe in matching or lotion... lol

25 November 2009

30 down and Thankful

This has nothing to do with me turning 30 in a couple days... nope this is about me dropping 30 pounds. This morning I weighted in at 245.... I've managed to maintain this weight loss even as I got slack on working out and eating right. I'm impressed with myself, honestly what started as me forcing myself to do something has become a lifestyle. I started to like the water and when I drink soda of juice I can feel the difference. It's not a good difference either. When I used to love fries now they make me sick, my body is rejecting the BS. I don't even eat half the stuff I bake, I taste it then give it away. Although my sweet tooth had a rebirth last week I'm over it.

I have a picture of me with Elvis in vegas 3 years ago, I was huge, I had to be close to 285lbs (I wish I could find it to post but it must be at home) I keep it on display just as s reminder, that plus all the 4x shirts in my closet. I amazed I got so lazy and out of control that I figured buying bigger clothes was easier then losing weight. Making your own shirts doesn't help either, it's not a big deal to go up a size when your making something custom. Now i'm more then happy to have my clothes be baggy. My energy level was crap, 30 pounds is alot to carry around. I didn't really notice till it was gone. I mean I was sooo lazy. unbelievably lazy, I remember having sex and afterwards feeling like my heart was going to bust out my chest. I really thought I was going to die... lol it's funny and serious at the same time. I was too young for that shyt... It was definitely a problem, I owed myself more...

Next week I'm back to the grind, I'm trying to drop another 20 by feb, then I'll treat myself to a new wardrobe.

Anyway this thanksgiving I'm thankful for my re-discovered insight into my life and purpose. Were going to leave that lazy bastard I used to be in the past.

Quote of the day: "Being enlightened is no longer enough, you must apply. Being willing is no longer acceptable, you must do." - Royce Da 5'9

23 November 2009

Dave's guide to getting over your Ex

Last night I was on the phone with my friend for over a hour. She was asking my advice on her now broken relationship. Now If you know me you would know that I HATE sitting on the phone. I'll text or IM in a minute. Since i've known her over 10 years so I gave her a phone pass... lol. Never mind that we already discussed it over drinks a couple weeks ago, nevermind this is like week 3 or 4 after the breakup. I have a 2 week cap on being heartbroke, after that let your A.D.D kick in and move on. It was time for tough love. Anyway it dawned on me that she had no idea how to get over that bamma. So here is my full proof guide to getting over your ex. These are all things that I advised her too do and I have done myself. It's proven effective!

1 - The most full proof method to get over someone is to replace them. Replace them with someone new or your friends. This is the where the whole "rebound" term comes from. The idea is you will be too busy with this new person that you will forget about your ex. In the end it doesn't matter who it is just as long as it's not Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels keeping you company.

2 - Stop cyberstalking. No really why do you want a reminder about how you failed? You don't need to remove them from your online life just make them less visible. Blocking someone is just petty, unless of course they slept with your brother or sister. Its just dumb to be checking up on them via social networking sites. Give them some space, So if they are always on facebook don't sign in for a month or so. Don't worry nobody will miss you and you will not miss anything. If they are on twitter unfollow they ass. You IM them? Make them invisible. Whatever you have to do to not be reminded of them on a daily basis do it. Your Ex is going to do whatever they want whether your looking or not. Your just hurting yourself by being obsessed with their moves. Get offline and get back to real life. Which brings me too...

3 - Remember your old life. Before you were with your new ex you had fun. You did stuff, try and remember what that was and do it again. Life is not over and you will meet someone else, trust me. Life moves on, Stop wondering when they will call because odds are they wont. I'm willing to bet that at least 4 people were waiting for you to be single again. Only your going to miss them because your too focused on waiting for your ex. So yeah get back to your life, you were a great person that's why someone wanted you, even if they don't anymore there is someone else who does.

4 Remember that everyone fails. Jordan didn't hit everyshot, Allen Iverson couldn't crack the starting line up on the Grizzlies, hell even the Lakers lost to the Celtics! Point is everything is not going to be a success. Don't get down over it. Learn your lesson and move on. Everyone has been there, you are not alone and it happens to the best of us. Just because you lost one doesn't mean you are a loser.

5. Last but not least... Don't be mad. If you have some anger about your ex just let it go. Treat your exes like old jobs, Never speak bad on them. It's bad karma and honestly nobody wins. You come off as bitter. Nobody wants to hear you bad mouth your ex. Master some key phrases.. "we're just different people" "we're not compatible" "We grew apart" stuff like that. it may be a complete lie but at least you won't come off as a bitter person. They place no blame.

Stay thirsty my friends... lol

20 November 2009

Cupcakes and ish

I should have never learned how to bake. It ruins stuff for me, like all these cupcake shops popping up around town. I think it's a crime to pay $3 for 1 damn cupcake. Especially when I know I can make a two dozen for about $10.

Sometime last year I want to Red Velvet in DC. I was highly disappointed. My friend was more then happy with it, I told her is was garbage and I could do better. When you know how to make something you judge everything different. Fast forward I'm at lunch with the same friend and she says this place Hello Cupcake is the truth. I'm willing to give it a try so we go in.

First thing I notice is the design of the place. Pink and white, real girly I just couldn't see 6 dudes walking up in there to buy some cupcakes after a night of parting... lol Are cupcakes feminine? don't answer that... All cupcake places have some crazy flavors, my friend says the pumpkin spice with cream cheese icing is good but I need to try something crazy. If I'm pay $3 for a cupcake I want it to be something I'm not going to make at home.

I decide on a Elvis, it's banana cake with peanut butter frosting. Yup just odd enough for me and my money. They toss the cupcakes in the bag and we take a seat. 1 bite and I know these people are CRUSHING that Red Velvet place, it's really moist and rich... Good stuff. I'm a lil jealous, so I'm sitting there thinking I need to make some more cupcakes. I just need some more exotic flavors, I don't want to sell them i just want the challenge. I get a bite of the pumpkin spice one and I KNOW I can make that. I have a ton of pumpkin to get rid of and I've made cream cheese icing before. A plan forms... I'm making pumpkin spice cupcakes this weekend.

18 November 2009


I don't think I ever really really touched on my baby momma and our story. I know I teased a few times on twitter about airing her out but never did. Honestly it was just my temper trying to get the best of me. But today I'm in a different mind set so I'll try and touch on it without showing my dislike of her.

We got together in June of 03, I met her at old part time job. I worked in a computer lab at this community college. Till this day I'm not really sure what I saw in her. My lil cousin was attracted to her and I started talking to her just based off that. Kinda just to prove to him I could get her. She didn't have the biggest ass, wasn't a freak, hell to quote chris rock she was a betamax. Logically I should have passed, she's 4 years older then me, had been a student full-time student for a couple years had a 8 year old son, no car, no cell phone. Really on a normal day I would have just smiled and waved.

I was on top of the world, I had just bought my house earlier that year, was working 2 jobs just because I wanted to. Had stacks on deck! my serial dating game was on point. Basically life was as good as it gets for a 23y/o.

We started dating and after a few months she was staying over my house on a nightly basis. We did more screwing then anything. I learned how sex can hide problems that you would normally discover if you were talking.

Fast forward to Nov 03, it was my b-day party and I was having a dinner at some Italian restaurant. My whole family was there and future BM had bought me a gift. I forgot said gift in the trunk, I didn't think this was a big deal since we were leaving together. Plus it's not like everyone had brought me gifts. No big unwrapping was going to happen. Future BM was heated about it though. She took it as a sign of disrespect. Like I could care less about her gift. This was a sign of things to come, So on the ride home we didn't speak much. Did I mention it was my birthday? yeah I was pissed too. So me being me I called the whole thing off. I was going back to my single comfort zone.

Then on Dec 7, 2003 (yes I remember the exact day) future BM pulled me aside at work and handed me a positive pregnancy test. Great, just my luck right? so we end up back together.

side note and maybe TMI... No I wasn't wearing a condom I was using the pull out method and the 1 time her ass doesn't get off me she gets preggers. Keep a nigga baby game on point. anyway....

So while she was preggers I try to be the best BF/future dad I can be. I give her a cell phone and bought a new car so she could drive my old one. My reasoning was she had dr's appts to get to and nobody should be driving around without a phone. Wait.. before all that she asks if she should get a abortion. I say I'll support whatever decision you make and it's your body... blah blah blah. Truth is I kinda wanted her to get one, I never wanted a baby momma I wanted a wife. I had no intention of marrying her and I knew it. That said I don't know what kind of asshole I would have become be if my baby had not entered my life and forced me to be a better man.

So now she's running around in my car talking on my phone but it's cool. I'm supporting my unborn baby. We have a couple arguments, normal stuff. things are looking good. I'm hoping to get thru this and work things out like adults.

Baby is born in July, her parents refuse to the hospital and visit. Actually their exact words to me were "well not everyone gets what they want" that's the moment I knew they were shady ass people. How you tell your daughter that? My mom comes to the hospital a lil before birth and BM refuses to let her see my first born. Let me say that again. This chick refused to let MY mom see MY baby girl. She didn't want my mom to be the first person to visit. She wanted her son to be the first. What kind of BS is that? You have no idea how heartbroke I was turning my mom away. I had no choice, when it comes to newborns the mom have all the say. On top of that since her parents refused to come visit I had to drive 30 miles one way to pick up her son so he could see his new sister. So I had to leave my new baby to pick someone else's kid up. Yeah it was a extremely bittersweet day.

We break up a few months after the baby is born. She asks for child support, I ask her how much she wants and give it to her. Mind you at this point I'm still paying for her phone and she still has my car. I'm thinking she HAS to see how good she has it. No baby daddy drama from me I just want to see my baby. I could care less who she sees or where she goes. Time after time we still have issues. She just lacks common sense and I just can't seem to believe that anybody is this slow. I end up canceling the cell phone, thinking that she might smarten up. Nope, same shyt. Tell her she can HAVE the car, just register it in her name. NOPE she don't want to pay insurance. All my friends just tell me to get custody and be done with it. I don't want to take a daughter from her mom, meanwhile I'm getting dicked over.

Lather, Rinse repeat. we've been like that for the last 5 years. Me trying to be the nice guy and at the same time getting punked. When my baby gets older she will know I ate years of shyt to try and keep the peace with her mom. Sad part all she understands is dysfunction. 6 years later and she is in pretty much the same position she was at when I met her.

17 November 2009

Baby Boy

In my last post I mentioned how I'm uncomfortable with women serving me. Then few women asked me about it so I figured I'd expand a little.

Despite being the baby boy my mom never babied me, for as long as I can remember I fixed my own plate and took care of my self. When I was sick she bought me meds and left me alone, She cared for me but wasn't my caretaker. I remember once I fell off my skateboard (I was a skater before it was hip lol) and busted my head open, I ran home with blood rushing down my face. My mom sat me in the lay-Z-boy and but some ice on my forehead. Never even considered taking me to the ER... lol I think it was her way of toughing me up since Daddy was gone.

Fast forward to adulthood.... Girls would offer to care for me when I was sick and I'd just reply "I'll be ok" mean while I'm throwing up all kinds of insides and shivering under 8 blankets, lol. I've been stuck in bed for weeks and still wouldn't ask for help. I'd manage to get things done myself or I just wouldn't have it. I always felt bad asking for help. Call it pride if you want but it's just what I'm used to. Even when someone offers to cook it makes me uncomfortable, I feel like I should help or contribute something. The whole idea of sitting and watching TV while someone cooks me dinner is just weird. I'd much rather us cook together. At the same time I'll cook dinner for someone else in a minute and not expect them to contribute anything. Yeah that's backwards and I'm ok with it.

plus we all know that dude who confuses his girlfriend/wife for his maid. She cooks for him, cleans up after him and he doesn't seem to even that she doesn't have to do any of that. He just never seems grateful. Them dudes always bothered me and I never want to be like them.

I'm the kind of guy where if you ASK I'll say no, but if you just DO not only would I not complain I'd be forever grateful.

15 November 2009

Another Wedding

On saturday I went to my uncles wedding. This is a uncle I'm not that close to, I have not spoken to him in months and I was shocked to hear he was getting married. I've never seen or met his soon to be wife. I would have skipped the whole thing but I had to go so my mom would be happy. Also my sister mentioned that the church was paying for the whole wedding, I've never heard of this and I needed to see what a church paid wedding was like.

Before the wedding I have to figure out what the baby was going to wear to this thing, I looked for a dress for all of 20min but only found christmas dresses, I ended up getting a outfit from target and complained to anyone who would listen that shopping for weddings was womans work... lol. Then I forgot to get him a gift, so I had to swing past the grocery store and pickup a card. They were not registered anywhere and wanted "monetary" gifts *borrows someones side eye* now I understand when you get older you might not need as many gifts but damn how you just going to ask for cash? btw this was my uncle's 2nd wedding and his new wifes 3rd. I did mention how my family sucks at marriage right? anyway....

So Saturday morning I get dressed (I'm wearing slacks a button up and a sweater, I look good to be at a wedding, trust me this is important) As soon as me and the baby walked in the door I thought, "wow this place is small" it was a storefront church which I'm sure was nice on sundays but seemed small for a wedding. Anyway I get my seating assignment and walk in. I see my uncle and go to greet him, no sooner then he says "hi" he tells the pastor "he's the one who will be lighting the candle"

*record scratch*

excuse me? nobody told me I was going to be IN the wedding. I was looking forward to attending a wedding and not having to do anything but crack jokes. This fool signed me up to play with fire!! so now I'm lighting 1 of the unity candles. So now I'm under dressed. I don't even have a tie on! It's ok I'm a wedding pro, I can handle this. So after taking a couple pictures where the photographer thoug I was the baby's brother I take her to the restroom.

Once out of the restroom I see my mom and sister, only problem they are sitting at a table on the their side of the room from me??? I call a audible and go sit next to them, plus they were closer to the front and If I had to approach the alter I should be as close as possible right?

Now I'm starting to notice some things, first my uncle has a BROWN suit on, who gets married in a brown suit? and he has brown patent leather shoes on. I didn't even know they made those. His suit fits him horribly, my mom being a seamstress is upset by this. I think it' funny. Then I notice the women....

I forgot how many women were at church, most of the ones there were married or not my type but none the less I was considering joining a church. Shyt I can find a wife and let the church pay for it! you can't beat that... lmao.

So then the wedding starts, I'm sitting next to my mom and she is cracking hella jokes. I have to tap her and tell her to "be nice" it's safe to say she doesn't approve of this wedding. So the Pastor gets to talking and talking and talking, he says everything except the wedding vows I'm expecting. He's talking about roses and lilies and my uncle looks bored. His wife is crying and he looks like his feet hurt lol. This is the same uncle who yawned at his moms funeral so I'm not really surprised. Then I notice the bride's brother sleep in the front row... classy.

My unity candle moment comes and goes and the pastor almost forgets to tell them to kiss. This was going to upset the baby as all she wanted was for them to kiss and to get cake. She is going to be a hopeless romantic I can already tell. She was way too excited to be at a actual wedding.

So the wedding is over and the bride and groom leave, only thing is the reception is in the same place. Yep there is a buffet is in the back, they leave for 5 min and come right back in... lol Were waiting to eat and my uncle calls me up to the head table. Turns out that's where my seat was??? how did I end up there? everyone is rocking shades of brown and I'm in all gray lol. I'm sitting next to the best man and being served a plate of food I didn't ask for. I look over to my baby and she is PISSED!!! I have food and she doesn't. I wave for her to come up but it's too late. She throwing all kinds of eye darts at me. My niece and sister are laughing. My baby is the nicest person until she gets mad, then she gets evil lol. It's funny to see a child mad at you. She didn't understand that I would have rather been down there with her. instead I'm making small talk with a dude I've never seen in my life. I'm being served by random women (side note... I don't like being served, I'd much rather go get my own plate, I mean my legs work. Being served and cared for by women makes me uncomfortable)

So I'm sitting at the head table and I notice my place card....

*record scratch again*

All my grandparents are gone, I'm nobody's grandson, what has he been telling these folks? So then I decide I've spent enough time at the head table and I'm going back to my fam to have fun. I go back to MY seat and the baby says "you think your a king but your not!" I laugh and ask her what she is talking about. Turns out my niece made a joke about me being so special and getting served like a king, of course the baby ran with that. After some laughing and cake we were all good.

So another wedding down and I'm still looking forward to going to a wedding and not actually being IN a wedding.

12 November 2009

Blog awards

Soo Mimi hit me with a blog award

Which I have not seen in a looonngg time. I remember when these things were everywhere and I refused to participate in them. Now i never see them, That said I'ma forward some love to some blogs I read that you may be missing out on...

- She has a opinion on just about everything, she used to be all over twitter but now she is in rehab for her heel fetish... lol

contagiouslyCRANKY - Her stories are funny, actually her life is 1 reality TV show I would watch and hate at the same time lol

- She's a mom of 3, fights for whats right and drops real knowledge along the way. She's blunt and too the point, what more can you ask for?

Freedom - She's posts plenty of things that will get you thinking and get you inspired, reading her blog is like going to church lol

10 November 2009


I went fishing and didn't catch a damn thing. But with views like this who really cares.

09 November 2009

VA is far

This weekend I found myself in Ashburn, VA. for ya'll not familiar with the DMV area Ashburn is FAR, like 1.5 hours from my house. I was visiting my friend's new place since I skipped her housewarming. Once I arrived I told her she was no longer a marylander she was a virgina bamma... lol. She agreed and said she was hesitant to change her license and tags because then the change would be complete.

You see people in northern VA are different. I actually stay out of the commonwealth as much as possible. It's nice over there but it's not home, I try and stick to DC and MD. Northern VA is the definition of middle upper class, the people lack the general "hoodness" of people in my urea. Matter of fact they say AREA instead of UREA like a normal person... lol Not that it's a bad thing, just different. Spending a day in VA is REALLY like taking a trip out of town.

Anyway my friend is trying to talk me into being her neighbor since she doesn't know anyone out there and to tell the truth I was almost sold. The damn community is BEAUTIFUL! close to all kinds of stuff and they have a good school system for the baby. It's the kind of place that once your home your 5min from everything you would need. I was dragged to the welcome center and given a tour lol. Only problem is I'd never get a date out there lol.. I saw 1 black person and I'm sure there are not many single spots to hang out at. I used to live real far from the city and it kinda sucks when you have to travel back and forth for everything. When a dinner date means a 45min 1 way drive there is a problem. I can't go back to that. So yeah I might have to get married and move to VA to raise the kiddies.

06 November 2009

Tell'em how you feel Friday

I jacked this from my homie Brran1, you can check him out over at the black lounge....

1. When I'm down you make me smile, even though I know you will please never change.

2. I'm sorry and I'll do better, I'm still growing

3. We both want the same thing, why is this to hard?

4. You like starting shyt and I like finishing it.

5. Dude seriously you need to move back, it's not the same without you.

6. Just know that even though we don't talk often, when we do I leave inspired. I still look up to you.

7. I want to hold your hand and help but you have to fall in order to learn how to get up.

8. The fact that I know you look up to me pushes me to be a better role model. I owe you for that.

9. I never say it but thanks for helping raise me, your wise words are always on point.

10. The bad news is you need me, the worst news is your too stupid to know it, the good news is I no longer care. Well it's good for me.

05 November 2009

Ideas of people

"I think you like the idea of me more then the actual me" I once said that to a girl I was breaking up with. It was my genuis moment of the year... lol She had this idea about who I was or who I could be, only thing was it didn't match who I currently was. Once the truth that actual Dave was not like her dream Dave settled in we had disagreements about it. She wanted me to change and I had no intention of doing it.

Funny thing is she was right. I just didn't recognize it at the time. She saw my potential even when I didn't. You ever meet someone with loads of potential? Someone who has skill but doesn't use it. It's kinda sad, you want to help them, push them in the right direction, boost them so they can reach the sky. Sometimes your able too help but only IF that person wants to change. See even if the world sees someones potential it's wasted if that person doesn't. It's even worse if they know their potential but avoid the change necessary to make it happen.

When you meet these people you develop a "idea" of who they could be. Not so much about who they currently are. Its most noticeable in sports. A would be star player with all the right skills is just never is able to put them together. They have a average career when everyone just knew they would be a star. Too convert that "idea" into reality takes work. You have to decide you want it. Then you need people around you who want it FOR you. You have to have people who share your dream.

I know people in love with the "idea" of their mate. Who they could be, if they only did x, y and z different. Problem is that's not who they currently are. Until they embrace the change needed to make it happen it's just wasted talent. Your idea of them will never happen.

I was over my friends house a few weeks ago when "A Bronx Tale" came on. I love this movie. When I saw it was about to come on the TV I got happy, of course she had never seen it. So as I tried to explain what it was about and why it should be her favorite movie of all time I remembered my favorite quote from the movie. "The worst thing in life is wasted talent" The main character Calogero's dad told him this. It's actually the main message in the movie, you see both how talent is wasted and how it's nutured. Everyone has talent it's just a matter if your are using it or wasting it.

*** I'm so mad at myself for not reading more books, I miss being smart lol. You can blame the recent rash of posts on "the power of now" which has sparked my mind back into working for me not against me ****

04 November 2009


My co-worker was telling a joke about marshmallows and fire when he mentioned that this guy courted a girl for 2 years. So being the single guy I am I ask if my co-workers courted they wives. One of them courted his wife for 6 months... 6 MONTHS!!!! This got me thinking if I could court a girl that long. I mean courting means your trying to gain her admiration. Not date! So that's basically flirting and either not asking the girl out or being rejected and coming back for more.

Now I've left women that adored me and chased after women who just refused to give me a chance but I don't think I've ever seriously courted a girl for any extended length of time. I'm not counting girls you know and never showed interest in. I'm talking about meeting a woman making it clear you like them and pursuing them. I've maybe gone a week or 2. After that I'm asking you out if I'm really interested. If I'm shot down I evaluate the situation... Is she worth persuading? Maybe, maybe not. I couldn't see me chasing 1 girls for 6 months with much less 2 years. Maybe courting is a thing of the past or maybe its the exact reason I'm single.

So my question for the ladies is have you ever been courted? Or for the dudes.. Have you ever courted a girl? Maybe we should bring it back into style lol

03 November 2009

Live From the Corner...

It's been a while since I've mentioned my job but let me touch on a few things..

- We got some new security procedures. for the last 10 years we have have metal detectors and bag checks. I guess this was just too much work because now we just swipe our ID badge and go thru a gate. No checks, you can bring whatever you want into the building. Really I'm loving this, emptying your pockets at the door was a pain in the ass, now i don't even have to take off my headphones. Plus the security guards don't have to front like they are working anymore. It's a win win.

- We got some new interns. I caught one of them sleeping at his desk. I just tapped him on the shoulder and said he should go get a soda or something to stay up. I was nice about it, hell I've been sleep at my desk before too. 2 weeks later he's sleep AGAIN, this time his boss sees him. Bossman tells him if he wants to sleep he should pack up and go home, not fired just go home. You know this fool had the nerve too catch a attidude? I was sittting there in shock, for 1 that this kid had the nerve to talk back and for 2 that they didn't send him packing that day. We have job corps interns so the get flown in from around the US, given a place to live and a job. It's unpaid work but your getting a free trip to DC and work experience. This fool should have been happy to be here. If it were my company his ass would have been escorted out.

- My project from hell is winding down, funny thing is the more issues I had the calmer I got. My mind works better when it's pushed.

- This dude right here made my day.

not only does he have his phone clipped to his shoe, but I'm pretty sure he's rocking womens socks. BTW he's one of the coolest gay dudes I've ever met. At least I think he's gay. Ok next topic lol

*note if you went thru the pictures in my phone you would see I have issues, me and a camra phone = trouble*

- I brought my daughter to work with me a couple weeks ago I was sure she would act a fool but she was well behaved. Thank god for the women in my office, they gave her crayons and worksheets and kept her busy. I swear women are the greatest creation ever lol

Aight ya'll be good till next time.

02 November 2009

Halloween Fun

I was going to post about my job. I even flirted with the idea of venting about my BM but I'll save those for later this week. Today I'll just post some pics from Halloween:

And that's just what we saw waiting by the train station. Sadly Pretty decided that I DIDN'T need to interview people this year. So he didn't bring the mic. We have some video but I'm not so sure how it's going to come out.

30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Today marks 30 days until my b-day. This is important to me but I'm guessing you could care less. What I'm sure you do care about is Halloween. Lets take a trip back to last year and you can see a bigger, younger Super Dave interviewing random people in the street. Personally I think it's still funny...

Nightmare On M St. (Holloween '08) from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

29 October 2009

Cupcakes for Kids

It's hard to beleive its been a year since I made cupcakes for my daughters Halloween party at school. But its that time again. If you remember I made some mini cupcakes for them here


This year I figured they could have whole cupcakes. There are 24 kids in her class so I made 48 cupcakes thinking I'll give the kids the best ones and take the rest to work. Let me tell you, trying to color icing is FUN. Like a science experiment, How many drops of this color and how many drops of that to get the color you want. I'm not really happy with how the chocolate/purple ones came out. They were SUPPOSED to be cats but by the time I iced them it was 11pm and I was tired and kinda just wanted to get it over with. I really should have gave myself more time to finish it. I'm sure the kids won't care though. BTW I don't envy pastry chefs at all...

28 October 2009

Let Me Think About It

I over think stuff. I mean everything. Conversations, actions everything. My mind is always analyzing and processing stuff. Just trying to play out scenarios. I predict how conversations are going to go, what other people are going to do and why. Basically my mind is like a Wall street trading floor. thoughts flying everywhere some good some bad. Usually this is fine but sometimes I get in my own way. I spend more time thinking instead of enjoying.

I started reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It's a interesting book, dude might be a lil insane but he makes his point in a way I can understand. He basically says that you should control your mind not let it control you. It's just a tool. So you need to get the voices in a room and tell them who's boss... lol I can really really understand this. Sometimes I have a thought and I feel like I'm watching someone else think it, it's soo outside of who I am that it can't be mine. Like my mind is doing it's own thing.

I was talking to my cousin (lets call him twin because he's like my brother) and he was reminding me that I accomplish pretty much everything I set my sights on. He's right, when I focus and get my thoughts together I can do whatever I want. The problem is keeping that focus, keeping my mind from drifting off. Getting all those thoughts off the trading room floor and into a classroom so they can focus.

When my mind is focused I tend to enjoy the moment more. I'm not worried about the future, I live for the now. My mind has no time to play out future events because it's busy handling NOW issues.

With that I leave you with my quote of the day:

"Enough thinking thru.Enough planning for.Enough worrying about.Simply,richly,live." - Ralph Marston

26 October 2009

Chick Magnet

First women smile, Only they don't smile at me they smile at her. My daughter is friendly, like super friendly. So if you smile she just might start a convo with you. I can't tell you how many times I've been forced into a convo with someone that started with them saying hi to my daughter. I guess normal men would look at this a a great way to meet women, there is a built in opening. Not me, I've never used my baby to pick up a woman. It just seems like cheating, I think women get weak when they see daddy's and daughters. Plus I don't want my baby to see me picking up women. She should know that our time together is about us, not them. I'm sure right now she won't get it but as she grows it will matter.

Did I ever mention I'm a lil anti-social? yeah my daughter is the exact opposite. That lil girl can work a room like she running for mayor. For the longest I didn't get where she got it from, then I realized that's me. Me when I'm not being a introvert and I'm actually engaging with people. I have my moments when I'm really charming. I swear she got my best traits.

So picture the scene when I'm the only dude at the playground with a couple single mom's and the baby has befriended every kid there. It's like I HAVE to speak to the moms. They start up conversations with me, this leads to normal adult banter, in which multiple flirting doors are opened. Again it's like a perfect situation. Half the work is done. They even suggest "play dates" It's like I'm dumb not to capitalize on it. I never do though, maybe it's me missing open doors. Long story short the baby draws attention, I'm not really a fan of attention. At least it's good attention.

22 October 2009

Punkin Pie!!!!

This is becoming a cooking blog... lol I promise I have some good stuff to blog about, I just need to get these blogs off my plate.

Ok so you remember me and the baby went to the corn maze? well she got a little pumpkin (maybe 2 pounds) from the pumpkin patch and told me she wanted to make it into pie. not a jack-o-lantern but a damn pie. I've never seen anyone break down a pumpkin and turn it into anything that wasn't filled with a candle so I saw it as something to try. I asked her if she would help and she agreed. Here's the pics

The pumpkin minus the top

the guts

Breaking Child Labor laws and putting the baby to work

After boiling (I really should have roasted it, maybe next time)

pumpkin puree, but it's not enough for a pie.

Back up Pumpkin *hangs head in shame*

Pie dough, YES from a box sue me!

ready for the oven

Done and Done, what to do while it's cooling?

yum Pumpkin seeds!

REAL Play Dough lol

20 October 2009

Cooking for Puffy

So you might remember me mentioning my cousin Puffy. I like to call him my college student. He comes past my house and eats any leftovers I happen to have on hand. So while he was over last week we talked about me cooking for him. As in he pays me once a week and I make something for him to take for lunch. Sounded like a good idea, he needs food and I like cooking. So we agreed on a price and amount of food.

1st up was Orange Bourbon Chicken with a cornbread top. I got this recipe from Rachel Ray's cookbook that my buddy @jazz_kat sent me. I would link her blog but she don't blog anymore lol. This was my 3rd time ever making cornbread from scratch. The 1st time was a disaster, I tried to re-make a hot tamale pie my ex for dinner once. hers was great, mine was dense and bad. the baby wouldn't even eat it. The 2nd try was much better, So I felt comfortable trying something new with it. Plus this involved me making a BBQ sauce which I knew I could do well. Anyway I took pics!!

the beginning of the Orange Bourbon BBQ sauce, Onions and garlic

Oranges of course

Sauce taking shape

Getting the chicken ready

Chicken in Pan, this was too much chicken for this pan.

chicken meet BBQ sauce

Add cornbread to the party

Finished Product

The only thing I can say is that I made too much cornbread. I made a double batch and that was just too much. it was good though. I also added real bourbon to the sauce which I can believe I didn't take a picture of. I might make some for myself soon.

19 October 2009

R.I.P Goldie

On friday night my baby asked to feed our goldfish "Goldie". she had done it before and I was busy cooking so I said ok. I look over just in time to see her dump a tablespoons worth of food into the tank.

"nnoooo" I said as I tried to scoop some out. I explained that it was too much food for our pet. I got some out by goldfish flakes are not easy to remove. I left it in the tank and figured I'd just have to change the water in the morning. Goldie ate like it was thanksgiving....

In the morning I come downstairs to fix breakfast and see Goldie belly up in the tank. "Shyt!!" I think, the baby was still upstairs and didn't see it. At first i thought he was dead but after careful examination I see he is still breathing. I quickly put him in some fresh water and hope he can pull thru. I'm hoping he just ate too much and had a sever case of the itis.

the baby comes down and sees the fish. oddly she doesn't cry she just asks whats wrong. I say he's sick and I think he ate too much. She says she hopes he feels better... about 2 hours go by and I can tell he's not going to make it. I tell the baby we can go get a new fish. She asks if goldie is dead. I say no. Then she seems excited about a new fish. We have had goldie for about 3 years, he was a 23 cent fish from the pet store. Well worth every penny.

6 hours later, Goldie is on his last legs... I take the baby to get a new fish. she picks a white and gold goldfish which the petsmart lady says "looks pregnant" great now i gotta deal with baby fish too??? she assures me that the momma will eat the babies (I think this is both true and sad) I ask the baby what she wants to name this new pet and she says "Goldie" uuummmm ok. (my daughter has never been good a naming stuff)

We get home and "old" goldie was gone. The baby didn't cry, she actually wanted me to just throw him away. I told her we would flush him down the toilet. My plan worked out perfect, I didn't panic or make it a big deal so the baby didn't either. we don't cry over goldfish in the Van Buren house lol

RIP Goldie #1 2006 - 2009

12 October 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a 3 day weekend and I was content to chill in the house and do nothing. Well not nothing but I was going to clean up and do some studying. Then saturday afternoon came and my cousin Puffy swung thru. We shoot the shyt for a while. He deems me sitting in the house was "fake", made countless jokes about me being old and insisted that we go out. I tried to explain to him that I was happy watching the flordia vs LSU game on my couch. He wasn't having it. So we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So were chillin laughing and messing with the waitress. You know the usual. He seemed to think every girl in the place was giving him looks and said one licked her lips at him. The best way he could describe it was she licked her lips like a cow... lol So I glance at the chick and she has a cassie cut going on. 3/4 of her head was shaved, Puffy named this the "trump". Yeah not exactly eye candy lol

So were chilling eating, drinking and watching football. Then Puffy eats a nacho with a jalapeno on it. You would have thought he ate the 911 sauce at cluck U chicken! he started drinking every glass of fluid at the table. I jokingly told him he needed some milk to kill the heat. Then he asked the waitress for some. I immediately protested! no grown ass man orders milk at the bar! GTFOH!!! I'm sure it breaks some man law.

The waitress feels bad and brings it. Mind you this is the same cousin who ordered a ice cream cake last time we went to the bar. I'm starting to wonder about him lol. The waitress says it's her first time bringing a adult a glass of milk... smh Here's his pic of shame!!!

So Sunday I decided to do some yard work and throw this chick on the grill. I made beer can chicken before and wanted to try it again. This time I marinated the chicken overnight before I put it on the grill. It went from this

to this... the chicken was great, hickory smoked goodness! I mean really I could sell it. I ended up pouring beer in a pepsi can because I only have bottles of beer.

Anyway besides that I didn't do much. I'm trying to keep a low profile this fall. Get some stuff straight in the building. Lets see if I can keep it up.