07 January 2009

Internet Pimpin

Over the years the internet has become more and more a dating tool. I've met a couple women off the net, no stalkers or crazy people. In general they just normal folk. Let me recap a few sites I've used.

blackplanet.com - I was using blackplanet back in the late 90's. It was the shyt!! by the time 2001 hit I was over it and my buddy told me he only used it to find jumpoffs.... Nice but I'll pass. there was also a spanish version, but since I don't speak spanish I never used it. I didn't even know people still used it until recently.

myspace.com - I was introduced to myspace in like 2005 I guess, at first I didn't get it. It seemed like kiddie stuff, I added my friends and family just as a way to keep in touch. Then I randomly surfed some profiles and added more girls. most the girls I was attracted to ignored me for course. Eventually I focused my page to the clothing line and stopped trying to use it to meet girls. Then everyone and they momma decided to add me. internet women loved me. I ended up going out with a couple of them. Like I said they were pretty normal, we had fun and I'm still friends with some of them. Some people use myspace as their personal dating site which is cool I guess, I can at least understand how it would work. I'll still pass though.

facebook.com - Facebook started much like myspace did for me. A couple years ago i opened an account and didn't really care about it. Then I added a couple people and it kinda got addictive. Then some old classmates I barely remember added me. Then some girls I didn't know added me and I saw how it could become another date finder. I've actually never dated off facebook though, I'm over actively meeting women on networking sites.

tagged.com - I had no idea this site even existed till a couple weeks ago. A friend send me a invite with a half naked pic of her. I had to join to see the rest of the pics. So of course I did.. lol come to find out this is like jumpoff capital of the net. It's really geared to finding people. They send you random profiles and ask if you like the person, if you click yes they notify the other person so ya'll can meet. It's crazy, I was browsing profiles and saw this 17y/o lesbian girl who was topless in her pic. TOPLESS!!! that's child porn right? well at least she was listed as 17, I hope she is older. My cousin told me how he loves the site and he has a group of fine women as his friends. They make it super easy to meet new people. Personally I just wanted to see some pics of my friend. I can't get sucked into another site. Recently some girl in my area added me as a friend. She's kinda cute too.. no Dave, were done meeting women online.

ps: none of this applies to people I've met thru blogging. You guys are the best!


Kayos said...

See you're using networking sites. That is probably safer but can be just as messed up if you find some psycho on the net.

I'm mad your cousin is proud of his Internet "harem". It's like going around to his boys braggin and stuff. Is he actually dating any of these womens?!?!

mrs.tj said...

I know people who try to hook up online...i just can't see it though. As for my blogger fam...I just love meeting people who are umm different like err umm myself. LOL!

Opinionated Diva said...

I feel ya. Back in the late 90's I met a LOT of people from online sites too...mostly Yahoo and BP people. Even had a relationship with one foolio for a minute. I'm done with that.

theweightofwhatisreal said...

Black Planet was all the rage when I was in college. I stopped using it before I graduated from college.

MySpace I used to keep up with my family. I've got 40+ first cousins so keeping up with them is a full-time job.

Didn't get FB till May of 2008. Those sites are too much maintenance. I deactivated the account.

I've got email and a cell phone. Keep up with me that way.

Oh yeah, and blogging.....ya'll folks keep me sane.

RealHustla said...

I'm starting to wonder if I'm limiting myself by not being willing to meet folks online.

Since my family and friends aren't helping me out any, do I have any choice?

Women, looking for love, men looking for ass. Until I can be sure men are looking for more I'm done with it too.

The only reason you put that line in there about bloggers is so we won't dog you in the comments, LOL.

jolie fatale said...

not so much into internet dating. maybe I should try it. hmmmmmmmm .. nah!

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

LOL I remember my blackplanet dayz. Of course I was probably far too young to have a profile but nonetheles I had one. But that ended as soon as I found out my dad had a page. EWWWW

Turn me up a lil said...

Black Planet was sooo long ago.lol

I hate internet dating....people are never what they seem to be...except bloggers lol

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I admit to meeting someone on myspace.
We are great friends.

Sugee Andersyn said...

Haah! Nice post. Found you featured, I think on blogger. Did you know that? Also love your cooking site. Is that your cooking site? Still feelin' my way around your blog :) Love the title!

Caspar608 said...

The following are a few reasons to NOT fuck people you meet online:

1) keep it on the down down low, only he or she knows for sure
2) Gonorrhea
3) Syphillis
4) Genital Warts/Herpes
5) A stay or two or three in the cuckoos nest because they pled insanity
6) Multile babies daddies or mommas they do not admit to until you are in Dennys or Red Lobster when you get rolled up on by the babies daddy or momma with their entire posse
7) Lies, lies, and even more lies
8) broke, no job and wearing borrowed clothes
9) they still live in their parents basement
10) they worship the devil and use your pubic hairs in demonic voodoo acts

Call me a cynic. Call me paranoid. Call me crazy. Call me what you like, but I aint trying to date anyone I "meet" online. If our meeting isnt in person from get go, where my initial instincts are in full effect, then I am fine to keep my ass in the house with my three kids who only give me teenage/kid drama.


and have a nice day : )

Candles said...

I used to stay on BP a long time ago. I actually met two people and we're still cool to this day. But it got old and I deleted my page. I heard about MySpace for a long time but like you, I thought it was too kiddie. I made a page cuz my son asked me to help him. I am now addicted, but I don't use it for meeting men. I have no interest in that at all. It's fun to me. I'm trying to get into facebook because everyone else seems to love it so much, but there's just too many dang ol apps! Oh and I just found out about Tagged like a month ago. It is definetly only for hooking up. I hate sites like that. Ever heard of Fling? The name says it all. There's so many ways to get free s*x, it's kinda ridiculous.

Sexxy Luv said...

i have to check out tagged.com! lol

i don't have any profiles other then blogger and i'm content with blogger, i meet some really cool people on here even though we live miles apart. :)

clnmike said...

It's hard to take any of the dating sites seriously, I just get on them for entertainment.

MsPuddin said...

aw man I remember Black Planet!! haha I think I tried to log in a year ago to see who hit me up, but I couldn't remember my password...

ugh myspace is the devil, all those girl who shot you down were probably photoshopped anyway...heh heh