30 January 2009

Random Thoughts Friday

Lets get random...

- Thanks to everyone who commented on the "thin line" blog. I ended up sitting my daughter down and explaining that lying on daddy is not good and it could get me into trouble. She seemed to understand, I guess time will tell.

- Regarding the "Thirsty" blog a couple people asked what I said to the girl after she sent the pics. I said "you look good" of course.. lol after that I kinda just made general convo, I tried to keep it non-sexual. She wanted to engage in IM sex but that's a lil bit too lame of the kid. Again I've never touched this chick, and have no plans too.

- I get mad everytime someone passes around a card to sign in the office. They always ask for a gift, either for a new baby or because the person lost a loved one or something. When my baby was born I didn't get shyt! no card, no gift. When I was out for a month on medical leave I didn't get shyt! I'm not giving them shyt!... I love my co-workers though... lol

- I also dislike tipping the trash and cleaning people at my job. Every christmas they gather up money to give them a gift like they work for free. Last i checked they get a paycheck just like me, nobody tips me for fixing servers but you want me to tip someone for picking up the trash? that's silly to me. I only tip people giving me food and my barber. Basicly only people who can screw me over.

- A homeless dude stopped me and asked for some money. This is not unusual except for the fact that he admitted to just getting out of jail on a weed possession charge. He was the first homeless drug dealer I had ever met.

- My sister just bought a house (Yay Big Sis!!) only thing is now I'm her handyman. I was at her spot replacing locks, installing light fixtures and trimming hedges. All stuff I need to be doing at my house.

- My neice let my daughter paint a wall in the bathroom. Lets just say I had to wash her hair and a brand new outfit is now just for playtime. When I asked my neice why she let the baby paint with real paint she simply said "she wanted too, she did a good job" I'm sure she it was payback for teasing her as a child. I saw the wall, my daughter actually did do a decent job... lol

- My daughter is finally understanding how to play the Wii. She beat me 3 times in a row in Wii boxing. I've never lost to anyone before that. She even talked trash afterwards.


Ieisha said...

I used to work for a company that specialized in employee-recognition items. Whenever we got a new employee, they made a welcome certificate and had all of us sign it. What do you write to a perfect stranger? It's their first day! Since then, I don't too much care to sign group stuff like that.

Don't get why you tipping the trash guy. I'm with you on servers and barbers. My stylist will get a tip from me ALWAYS!

Your daughter beat you in Wii?! Wow.....ain't no stopping her now. My sis and her hubby are looking for a Wii to buy for their household. They've got 2 boys and a girl so I can only imagine the competition in that house.

Sounds like you need a lil practice.....you got you some comp! Lol.

Happy Friday!!!

Liz said...

i am lmao @ the fourth bullet... tipping the trash people... ha haaaa. that is so true. i can't stand it.i don't mind the cards though.

Sha Boogie said...

IM sex? What? Have I been out of the game that long? lol

Tip the janitor? What? (again) lol, I agree with you, niggas getting a check just like me! Hmph.

buttahflychronicles said...

I used to work for a company who bought birthday cakes for people. My birthday was two days before the boss' I worked there for 7 years and never got a thing. I can't believe I worked there that long.

I only tip the people who can screw me. Hair people. Tip 'em every time.

Give your sis a break, it's all a bit overwhelming at first. Hell it's still overwhelming. Will you come be my handyman?

clnmike said...

A homeless man asked me for money so he could get something to drink.

I can respect that, so I gave it to him.

JOLIE said...

maybe you can start a business called RENT-A-BROTHER .. since I'm an only chiild I could use a brother to come and install some fixtures that I've been meaning to have installed for the last 2 yrs in my house...
Seriously..1.800.RENT-A-BROTHER. LOL

Brothers Blog said...

Glad you got to talk to your daughter.

I had a job where they constantly did the birthday/funeral/wedding/birth cards. But when I got married they got me a card and also on some birthdays. So I didn't mind giving knowing it was coming back around.

Achilles said...

LOL I feel you on the job tip. It's like they try and bully you into participating in buying a gift, card, money, etc. If they wanna do it...fine, but no one's obligated.