16 January 2009

A Thank You

I wanna take a moment to thanks some people I never mention on this hear blog.

Wack ignorant Dudes or Weenie Ass Niggas (as my boy Boss Mack Says)

Basicly dudes who type girls like Dope like Louboutins messages like this:

"wats gud wit ya slid thru ya page n u is cute i jus moved at ta da A n buckhead rm da bay lukin fo uh friend so hit mi bac if ya lik aight guddayz"

Or dudes who go out on dates with girls like Pink and do shyt like:

"He starts embarrassin the SHIT outta me. he proceeds to ask the FOINE ass server how much drinks are. and i dont mean drinks in general...i mean, like several DIFFERENT drinks."

And lets not forget all the dudes who felt like wearing tight pants and lil shirts and scarfs was the new hood look. You know all that stuff that used to be reserved for gay men. Now women don't know who is gay and who isn't.

You see these dudes make my life so much easier. Compared to them my dysfunctional ass looks like gold. So from all the folks at Babby Daddy Diaries I wanna say

Thank You Wack Ass Tight Jean wearing Dude.

Have a good weekend folks..


The Dreamy One said...

Ok, lol

Yeah what u said, lol

Wait is there straight dudes wearing tight pants and scarfs??? Wow

clnmike said...

Scarf are cool but tight pants should never come back in style.

Caspar608 said...

they have infiltrated the appearance of our young men..."they", meaning, the down lows, the dudes who are too afraid to come out come out wherever they are...so they try to make themselves look "passable" by dressing like 80's era big hair rock band members like Poison or Bon Jovi (alright, Living on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive were good songs) and confuse the shit out of teenagers (and some grown men, dammit) who emulate what they see. Lil Wayne is NO EXCEPTION.

Personally, I like men who wear a slightly relaxed jean - not to be confused with sloppy thugs who let their asses/drawers hang out of their pants. Slightly relaxed means enough ball room to make me wonder just how big the package is, dig? I like the tee snug enough to see if he has chest muscles as opposed to man tits, and loose enough to hide a belly, which is better seen when you are lying next to him on the couch - it makes a man all the more cuddly if he has a little bit of a stomach.

Wait, sorry, this is YOUR blog.. .
Sorry for rambling...

You are golden though, SVDB : )

Tha Management said...

sigh, this is what is ruining DC for the young ladies. I tend to feel like tripping the black men I see who rock the skinny jeans so tight I can see their sack. I know there were many things that are cyclical fashion wise, but that, should not be one of them. Super baggy pants can die too though.


Darius T. Williams said...

Ha - hilarious!

I'm not sure who said tight pants were in style though.

RealHustla said...

I wanna thank them too cause I can't be with no cheap skate or nobody who could be convinced to go outside dressed like that. I'm glad somebody said it, Golden man.

Opinionated Diva said...

Cringing at those messages. I can't even understand half of what Louboutin's dude is saying. smh

ctfu @ Pink's dude...that one was special. lol

Unfortunately there are women that find that mess cute...those are the women I would NOT like to thank.

Ms. Behaving said...


Yeah...I can't stand to see a dude in skinny/tight jeans with those s/medium tees either.

Man I dunno where they got the idea that that was a good look but ummm HOW BOUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

NYAmicas said...

You aint lying about us women not being able to figure out who is what anymore. lol @ tight pants-that will never be cool in my book.