29 January 2009


I love being a guy. I love women too, every now and then I get reminded about how random and unpredictable women can be. Take this for example:

I was chillin on the computer when I get an IM from a girl I used to talk to. it went something like this

****: Has BUZZED YOU!! (you know this was yahoo im)
Me: sup
****: proceeds to send me pics of her nekkid in the shower and pics of her happy place spread open so I could see her birth canal.

Thats it, no prior convo between us, I had not even talked to her for a couple months.

After enjoying the pics I was both happy and sad, I was happy because nekkied women tend to make me happy but sad because this girl was just sooo open and needed some attention. She needed a hug. She wanted something else but she NEEDED a hug. Mind you I had never done anything with this girl, no sex, no kiss, no fondle... nothing. We had never even gone on a date. She was just a random girl I met in my outings. I barely even talked to her, she just felt the need to show me her pics. She just wanted some male attention. I guess to make me see what I was missing or to try and lure me into setting up a booty call with her. Seeing them pics actually had the opposite effect, it made me happy that I passed it up a while back when she first threw it at me. Following my instincts paid off once again.

Thirsty broads are the worst, I'd much rather work for my loving then have it thrown at me. If you give it up too easy most men lose interest and keep them around just to satisfy that need. She seems like she would be happy being my jumpoff though, that might be the worst part, shes just happy being a sex object. She's not demanding more from a man than good sex. Not that I'll ever want to find out.

I just chalk it up to another disaster avoided.


Opinionated Diva said...

awww looka Davie maturing right before my very eyes! lol

thirsty people worry me...especially when i've done nothing and have not even known them long enough for them to be so in to me...makes me think they have stalker potential.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

This is my first time commenting here, but had to stop in to lend my 2 cents on this one.

Stories like this make me wonder if the person even realizes they are demeaning themselves?

jolie fatale said...

Hmm..thats a crazy story.. never in my life have i thought about ..sending nakey photos just cause... I DONT NEED THAT KIND OF VALIDATION...

i think your right she needs a hug... sigh.. some women .. poor thangs

The Jaded NYer said...

this reminds me of John Mayer's song "Daughters"

"...fathers be good to your daughters..." 'cause otherwise they end up as thirsty broads sending nekkid pics over Yahoo IM for no damn reason.


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Wow. That is crazy.
I don't understand that at all.
Well, I am glad you didn't act on it and take advantage of her.

Young woman on a journey said...


i have mad respect. You definitely had the reaction i think any self-respecting man, particularly a father with a daughter, should react.

Thirsty is not cute at all. She needs far more than a hug and i just hope that she continues to encounter people like you and not people who would encourage her behavior.

I don't even know why adults are running around sending naked pics of themselves to all kinds of people no way. but that's just me.

buttahflychronicles said...

How did you respond back to her? Did you say,

"No thanks."
"Ask someone else."


Caspar608 said...

tragic that so many broads send pictures of their birth canals to just about anyone...pretty darn tragic.

Ms. Behaving said...

I wanna say that that's unbelievable but in this day/age we all know any and EVERYthing is possible.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Wha??? Women are doing this a lot?? I don't know what's going on. The world has changed while I've been in here married for 15 years. What's going on out there???? I think it was the crack generation that messed up these girls.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Wha??? Women are doing this a lot?? I don't know what's going on. The world has changed while I've been in here married for 15 years. What's going on out there???? I think it was the crack generation that messed up these girls.

clnmike said...

Now that is a woman who stinks of desperation.

Ieisha said...

Way to keep those instincts sharp.

Good dodge!

Casual Butterfly said...

At first I was like maybe it was an accident but I think I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Po' baby. She does need a hug.

girlfriend said...

This post was very eye-opening, Dave. I mean, not that I go about sending spread eagle shots of myself or anything close to it :-)
but it just was. Thanks for sharing but like someone else asked, what exactly did you do/say after she sent those pix??

You definitely avoided a future headache- good for you!

Brothers Blog said...

Don't wanna put myself on blast but you're a stronger man than me. lol.

But what you're saying is so true. If I don't have to work to get it then I will lose interest very quickly.

NYAmicas said...

That's interesting since plenty of males would have loved it. I've gotten plenty of random pics from guys myself-All unwanted and why would I be interested in a guy that's showing off his goodies to random strangers online? No, thanks.

futurmrsg said...

OMG YEA I agree w you. That girl is lacking something in her life to have made her do that. And yea she is demeaning herself big time. Some ppl just dont love themselves like they should, so they go looking for the wrong way, or in all the wrong places. But I must say that I was TOTALLY impressed with you being a man & ignoring her whore ish behavior. Kudos to you! And by the way this is one of the best blogs that Ive read in awhile.