21 January 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Since I have not been to work since Friday her is my wrap-up.

Friday: chilled in the house with the baby, nothing special finished up some projects.

Saturday: hung out with the baby half the day, it was too cold to go anywhere but I did go out with a girl who made me rethink my whole single status. She will get no nickname and most likely I won't mention her again on here. Bad JuJu

Sunday: My dad responded to me. It was positive too.

Monday: went to see "Notorious" It was pretty good, even though I know the story it was nice to see. It's a good movie. My mom wants to go see it.

Tuesday: Watched the Inauguration on CNN while trying to convince my daughter it was better than watching cartoons. All the people down there looked COLD!!! At first I wished I was there but the CNN coverage was cool.

Today it's soo quiet at work. I think everyone is hungover or sleep from partying. I hope everyone who came to town had a good time!


FREEDOM said...

Davey Glad you had a great break. There are no more (officially) until May (Memorial Day) lol.


RealHustla said...

Well, President's days is on Feb 16, and then there will be a long haul after that, hope you're all rested up.

I can't believe you didn't go down to the mall, you were so close. I enjoyed watching from my warm house myself.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I think even if I had gone to DC I would have watched from my hotel room. Cold and no view.
I was happy watching on television.

You are the first person to say the movie was worth seeing.
Everyone I know who saw it told me to wait for the DVD.

So, what is it about the young lady you are dating that had you reconsidering singlehood?

Oh my bad I don't want to bring any bad juju.

Jurista said...

Rethinking your single status? She's that DEAL!!!!

Good luck with it!

CNN coverage was great!

kayellejaye said...

Obama gave me the flu. Be glad you stayed home. Though it was well worth it.

Amber-Alert said...

it was cool being down there even tho i couldnt see anything lol but trust me i didnt stay too long...

Ms. Behaving said...

Great to hear your pops reached out to you and the exchange was positive.

Wishing you nothing but the best in reestablishing a relationship with him.

Happy to read the Notorious movie was pretty good...

Especially since I plan to check it out this weekend.