03 February 2009

Dead Zone

I used to love watching TV. I would DVR all my favorite shows just in case I missed them. Spend Sundays doing laundry and catching up on them. It was a fun time in my life. Then I missed a couple episodes of a show and I didn't have time to catch up. So i just stopped. Stopped watching, stopped DVRing. I switched to watching food channel and ESPN when folding clothes and just moved on with my life. It actually mimics how I am with women, once the interest is gone it's over. Here are a couple shows I loved and some I lost... lol

24 - I was sooo addicted to this. Then i just completely lost interest. After Jack tried to stop that dirty bomb in LA i was done. plus the killed the first black pres on TV. Now I see the commercials and it all looks like the same episode.

Heroes - I thought this was the greatest show for a while. Then it kinda dragged out, I almost forgot about it until last night when a new episode came on. I halfway watched it but they are trying to do too much now, I'm losing interest.

Lost - I'm beginning to HATE this show. I watched the DVD to catch up on the first season and I was hooked. Just like Heroes they are starting to go into too many directions. Too many story lines and too many characters. i can't keep track anymore. If they didn't announce that it was ending next year I would stop watching. I'm going to try and stick it out till then just to see how the story ends.

Burn Notice - You've probably never hear of this show but it comes on USA and it ROCKS!!! this is the only show on my DVR that I'm actually interested in.

Afro Samurai - this cartoon sucked me in for a season then just went away. last week I saw they made a mini movie as like a season 2. it was decent, Sam Jackson does the voice of the main character, it's a good show but I'm thinking it's over.

The Boondocks - i could never figure out when this show came on. I liked the first season, the second was ok but I don't think they show it anymore. Maybe I'm just missing it.

That's all the shows I follow... no Law and Order Small Claims Unit, no House none of that other stuff people love. Honestly TV is getting really boring and now with no football i'm stuck watching the Lakers kick ass all around the NBA, I guess I can live with that. lol

EDIT**** I don't know how I could forget Nip/Tuck - that was one of the most random ass shows ever. I watched it for a couple seasons and it just kept getting weirder and weirder. At one point they introduced a midget and some woman who used her son's semen as facial moisturizer. I had to let it go for my own mental health. s

oh yeah... I kinda sorta have a girlfriend.


SacredAngel said...

Boondocks is on Cartoon Network now.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

How do you kinda, sorta have a girlfriend? *LOL* And does she know that she's kinda, sorta?

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that can appreciate Burn Notice. It's so underrated.

LB said...

The 3rd season of The Boondocks has been unconfirmed...and the showtimes are rather random nowadays.

I feel the same way about Nip/Tuck. I watched this when it first debuted and got into it instantly. But then I missed some episodes, which turned into seasons. I just watched a recent show 2 weeks ago and I had no freakin' idea what was happening...and apparently, it had become soft porn over the years.

Shawn Smith said...


You aren't the only one that follows Burn Notice. I've been a fan since day one. I'm glad this show is in it's third season.

Boondocks. I'm with you on that. The second season wasn't as good as the first. I guess they figured out what the limit was and they stayed close to it. There were a few moments but she shock value was down.

A file sharing group I belong to sent had the new Afro Samurai movie. I copped that this weekend and watched it Sunday morning. Pretty good. I'm glad I had the whole thing to watch instead of having to wait for it in a series.

My DVR is full of other shows. CSI (Vegas and NY), Life, Robot Chicken...

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@ScaredAngel - I never see it, I have the DVD's though.

@Carolyn - LOL, yeah she knows. YOU should know by now I have commitment issues so she kinda, sorta lol.

@Dani - Burn Notice is great i think i like it under the radar.

@LB - how could I forget Nip/Tuck? I'm about to edit the post

@Shawn - I could never get into Robot chicken either, i need to DVR it.

StarzGazR said...

i have never been able to get into ANY of them EXCEPT NIP/TUCK. i watch that FAITHFULLY... every tuesday at 10 i'm glued into F/X HD.

and as far as you kinda sorta have a possible maybe considering girlfriend-- DETAILS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED :)

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ putting the GF detail all small and at the bottom... did you think we wouldn't see that??? lol

Heroes has become a bit of a chore for me, but I love Sylar and his crazy ass so I'll watch it for now.

Now Lost... that is my damn show and nothing will ever pull me away from it. I know it's a bit crazy and the last episode with Desmond was a snoozer, but I have faith in the writers. There's a big payoff coming and I will be there to witness it.

But LORD HELP THEM if they do some old "it was all a dream" BS... UGH!

QB said...

i LOVE burn notice AND i LOVE boondocks. did you ever see the banned boondocks episodes from season 2??? they are awesome

and what is this sorta kinda girlfriend thing? how does that work? who am i kidding i know how that works. Hope it goes well.

lyfesimplified said...


I wish I could get into certain shows. I see some good advertisements but my DVR ususally have random recordings!

Hmmmm...maybe I'll check some of these out!

Go. B.

kayellejaye said...

I'm shocked you mentioned the GF so soon...but then again I know how you like to sabotage thangs.

Ieisha said...

Love, love, love House. His sarcasm is unmatched.

Saw a lil bit of Burn Notice last night. Jury's still out.

I like Ugly Betty.

Past that, not too many shows that keep my interest.

And with the internet, who needs DVR????

I feel incomplete now that football is over. But wait! There's the NFL channel!!!!!! Which I have on my phone! OH YEAH!!!!!!

Teacia said...

Being a USA junkie Burn Notice is my shiznit!!

buttahflychronicles said...

I have never even watched one episode of any of these shows except Heroes and Boondocks. However, I've realized that I prefer to watch them only after they've come out on DVD so that I can watch them one after the other.

Congrats on the new life enhancement. We must talk more.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I agree with you assessment of Heroes. All the others ones I do not watch.

Life without Televison? I can't even imagine it. LOL

Sean Biggums said...

how could you forget Entourage cousin... blasphemy.. and i got all seasons of LOST on torrent a couple weeks back.. im almost finished, tryna find time, but mad cause season 5 already started..

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@StarGazR - Nip/Tuck is way too crazy for me. lmao@details... it's bad juju.

@Jaded NYer - I got that small print idea from you.

@QB - i loved the boondocks, I just need new episodes.

@Go B - how you DVR random stuff? what's the point?

@KGB - Ima ignore your bad JuJu.

@Teacia - Burn Notice is the only show on USA I watch.

@ButtahflyChronicles - You need to turn off Noggin and watch real TV..lol

@One Man - i can do without sitcoms and reality TV, i need Food and sports and news though.

@Sean - I left Entourage after 3 seasons. Only because it wasn't worth paying for. i'll catch it on DVD.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I watch Burn Notice.

The other shows I have not given any time to.

Only shows I tune in for on the regular are CSI and NCIS.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I can't fuck with 24

brran1 said...

What up Dave?

I think I'm on the same thing I was on last semester. And when I say that, I mean that I RARELY watched TV last semester between working, studying and everything else I was doing. As the semester progresses, I think I'll be getting back to that routine.

Also, I agree with what you said. What's good on TV anyways, nowadays besides reruns of Martin, Good Times and other shows that ppl have already seen 80 Billion Times.

If I need to watch TV and I have some free time, I'll just hit up Hulu.com

Congrats on the new GF, btw.

RunningMom said...

What's this? New GF, do tell!

Ok so... I love Lost, but I stay confused.

I like burn notice, but as usual, I never know what is a re-run and what is new... that's kind of ok.

I also love Grey's and Private Practice. But that's (at least in part) because I love James Pickens jr and Taye Diggs..

RunningMom said...

What's this? New GF, do tell!

Ok so... I love Lost, but I stay confused.

I like burn notice, but as usual, I never know what is a re-run and what is new... that's kind of ok.

I also love Grey's and Private Practice. But that's (at least in part) because I love James Pickens jr and Taye Diggs..

RunningMom said...
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clnmike said...

The only ones I made it a point to watch was boondocks and Afro Samurai.

Boondock has fallen off bad in my opinion.

Married To It said...

OK I am loving everything on USA all their original shows are great. I kinda got behind on MONK but
*Burn Notice-Great
*In Plain Sight-Catch it. She is crazy funny
*The starter wife-good stuff.

I also am hooked on TBS
The Closer and Grace Under Fire..Grace reminds me of Joan of Arcadia(from like 5-6yrs ago)

Babs said...

Quitters are losers! How could you leave 24!? Just kidding, I did the same thing with Lost. It was just too ridiculous.

How are you gonna throw in that you have a GF? Weren't you just saying like three weeks ago that you wanted to be single and weren't you just talking about you wouldn't even talk to a girl cause you couldnt afford to take or on a "proper" date? Man, you move fast!

DiamondsR4eva said...

I've been watching Nip/tuck since the first season Im addicted to that fuckery!

I love how u put in babby fawnt how u got a girl dont be shamed lol

Anonymous said...

Ok. So I am a random person that you don't know so you owe me nothing. But I feel I'm beginning to know you through your blog. I feel cheated by "I kinda have a girlfriend". You gotta give me more than that. LOL.