06 February 2009


Did i ever mention how facebook is a stalker? How it dry snitches on you all the time? You comment on a photo and it goes running off to tell all your friends. Facebook is the worst kind of friend. It can't keep a secret. it automatically tells you which friends you have in common, really it's just a nosy bastard. whats worse it is keeps telling you your friends business. If you comment on something it will let you know about everyone else who commented. if it wasn't so damn addictive I'd leave it alone. It keeps calling me back though.. lol plus it helped me kick my myspace habit cold.

That said here's a video my girl KGB sent me that brightened my day


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

This is my new thang also. I am so late to the party.
I had to turn some of those email notifications off. It was too much.

How come you ain't my facebook friend?
We got issues?

Kayos said...

I hear ya on the Facebook. You can't do a damn thing without the whole world lettin folks know about it.

I loved the video but you gotta be mad at the dad for doing his son like that. Why would you record our son while he high?! Just wrong!

Creative1k said...

Yep, facebook is definitely a better look than myspace. I've had my account for awhile, but never really and truly tapped into it until mid 2008,now me and my coworkers can't leave it alone.

buttahflychronicles said...

I like it. It helps you and your friends and family stay connected. Basically you can't say anything you wouldn't say in a room full of people at a family event. I can deal with that. And besides, if I have something private to say I can use the "Send a message" feature and not one sees what I'm saying at all. I just know now though to be careful who I let be my friend.

Ms. Lovely said...

yea crackbook is the devil in disguise. It's cool but some people truly live their lives through a keyboard..Updating their status' every 2 minutes..ugh. With that said: I am very much addicted.

pink said...

ion care bout no face book! i wanna know bout yo GIRLFRIEND!!!

Sha Boogie said...

Why is this happening to me?

LOL!!! That was so sad and funny, drugs are a helluva thing!

Speaking of FB..I need to go check my wall right now!

kayellejaye said...

You already know how I feel about the madness that is FB. LOL.


iCandy21 said...

FB is most def NOT your friend...FB is more of a punk bitch! lol...u cant even retaliate on FB's ass smh, and yet...we all remain FB's friends! That video was so flippin' funny omg...like i was crackin up!

Ieisha said...

FB=Big Brother


I hate it.

Yet I have it.


I dunno.

Cuz every time I delete it, folks wonder where I went.

Then I give in to peer pressure.


Did I just say I gave IN to peer pressure??

I'm slipping off my game!

Lucky Sharms said...

Hilarious =) That video is out of control....

Caspar608 said...

Why am I the only person who thinks this video is creepy? Why did I feel like some pedo snatched this kid and drugged him up? Why is an 8-10 year old supposedly having his "wisdom" teeth removed when all of his teeth havent even fallen out yet? Where is the cotton that should in lil mans mouth if he had his teeth removed? This video stinks of nothing good.

And if you noticed, he didnt say nothing about 'Daddy'. The voice behind the camera sounds a little too persuasive and perverted.

I got kids man. This was not in the least bit entertaining, but disturbing. And exploitve. And if my absentee babies daddy ever pulled some shit like this with one of mine, and posted it on you tube...I would bust his teeth out of his mouth with the video camera.


Brothers Blog said...

that's partially why I don't mess with face book too much.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I prefer myspace because I don't want to know every stupid thing someone says to someone else. I'd rather wait til i'm feeling stalkerish and lurk around mypace.

Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO @ that video.

I'm mad @ his pops... He was dead @zz wrong for posting a vid of his son like that.

Ms. Liryc said...

First off, I was an anonymous reader, but now I want to make myself known.. LOL.. so here I am posting...

As for FB I'm hooked!! ok, let me rephrase that I am scratch my arm cause I have an itch addicted... the wall thing I just delete it or block whatever feed I have so that no one knows what I've done, but that's the cool thing about it, getting to be nosey without trying to be nosey..

Love it.. FB Rocks!!

I'll be back again.. and posting this time.. ttyls