25 February 2009

An Intermission

I'ma take a break from my usual rants to focus on something else. One of my facebook friends had a video by these dudes in her status a few days ago and I've been hooked on them since:

UNC ClefHangers

Now granted as a UMD Alumni (are you an alumni if you never graduated?) and Maryland resident I'm naturally opposed to anything UNC or DUKE (Go Terps!!) but these dudes rock. I like their versions better than the originals.

While watching this I started to think how much hip hop has grown. I mean here is a group of white college kids singing hip hop like a barbershop quartet. That's amazing to me. Hip Hop artists want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be rappers, pretty soon we will just have 2 categories of music good and bad. Our kids will hear their favorite artist sing, rap and play instruments on the same song like it's nothing. That is if we ever get past this auto-tune craze.


Brooklyn Bred said...

I was not expecting that, lol.

They were official.

I love these quirky, yet talented expressions of music.

kaligyrl99 said...

That was the best! They had dance moves and everything.

I like I like

MP said...

Oooo I love this! It's definitely better than the original. Sang stupid song sans the synthesizer! I'm going to have to find more of their stuff.

girlfriend said...

"I like their versions better than the originals."


One Man’s Opinion said...

I agree that hip hop, like Rap, has grown up and branched off so much.

Carla said...

Hey SuperDave Van Buren,

That was GREAT! That was better than the original and old boy sounds way better than T-Pain! You've made me a fan.


Shannon said...

Too bad that was really good. Hilare.