11 February 2009

weekend wrap up... plus 2

Hey good readers, I hope everyone is doing well. let me tell you about my weekend.

Friday i woke up with a headache, nothing big I figured it was from lack of sleep. As the day went on I felt worse. Chills, fever, loss of apatite. by the end of my work day i was sitting at my desk in my coat trying to stay warm. I went home and laid in bed for a couple hours. I drank some juice and popped some meds. Friday night I threw up everything in my stomach and some other organs I'm sure. But I started to feel better.

Saturday I chilled around the house and thought about eating. It was a beautiful day so i felt bad I couldn't take the baby to the park. Saturday afternoon I took the baby to a b-day party, pizza and cake were the last things I wanted so I just stood in the corner and tried to keep my germs to myself... lol

Sunday I woke up and scratched my eyelid... nothing big it kinda hurt but I'ma man I'll toughed it out. I was feeling better and could eat so i was happy. That is until I realized my hot water heater was leaking. So I called my boy up and figured out how hard it is to replace. Looks pretty easy so were going to handle that next week.

Monday I woke up and took the baby to the doctor. It was just a checkup she's cool, day went pretty slow went looking for a new water heater.

Tuesday I woke up and my eye was swollen. I laid in bed with a cold wash cloth on my eye trying to decided what to do. I decided to go to the Dr and make sure my eye is not going to fall out. Because you know that's not sexy. he said I'll be fine in a couple days, meanwhile I'm at work looking like this fool

you can't give girls on the train sexy looks with your eye's outta wack, it just doesn't work... lol


Shawn Smith said...

Hey Dave, you could be like Music Soulchild and always wear sunglasses.

Women would think you were cool and hip hop.

Otis said...

Dang homey...hope that gets better for you...beleive me, i so feel you lol

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I hope you feel better.

Hey, Forest has a beautiful wife. . .wonky eye and all.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Shawn - Aww shyt is that why he always rocking glasses? I could be a neo-soul singer

@Otis - Thanks man

@Sharon - Thanks... His wife is pretty, skinny but pretty.

buttahflychronicles said...

That's effed up you had to mess with Forest but I have to admit I lauged.

You prolly made all those kids at the party sick. You supposed to quarantine yourself for at least 24 hours after you throw up.

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Ohhh lawd too many issues for one man.. Is everyone in the office asking you what happened to your eye?? I scratched my eye last year and a vessel busted. Half my eye was red for like a week and EVERY SINGLE DAY the entire office asked the same question..how frickin annoying..

Sha Boogie said...

All you gotta do is put some emotion behind that wonk eye! Make them feel it! lol

Sean Biggums said...

LMAO... i saw the forrest whitaker pic but it didnt register til i got to the end.. funny.. thanks for the taxes cousin

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@RealHustla - Those same kids might have got me sick.

@Cranky - nobody has really asked. I told them yesterday it was jacked up, plus I'm laying low

@Sha Boogie - Don't nobody want to feel the wonk eye, hell I don't want to feel it.. lol

@Sean - Your slow cuzzo.

RunningMom said...

lol @ that pic! He does have a crazy eye.

So what did the Dr. say you had?

Feel better soon!

MP said...

sorry to hear about the eye... a pic would have been nice though!

Ieisha said...

Why am I watching "Diary of a Hitman" as I read this? Lol...starring none other than Forest Whitaker.

Thought you were gonna say you had pink eye or something.

Why you gotta give girls on the train the sexy eye? You should be saving that droopy lid for your girlfriend!

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm sayin' [well askin'] Why you had to put Forest on blast like that??? LOL

Hope you're feeling better.