09 March 2009


Hey what's up? I really have nothing to blog about so I'ma just talk about whatever.

1. I got kinda volunteered to make my moms b-day cake this week. My sister called and said she would "buy" a cake knowing damn well I would just say I could make one. I mean they did buy me a mixer and all, it's the least I could do. BTW I mastered making butter cream icing. wanna see? her you go:

2. Can I tell you how much I love spring? It's like women were dying all winter to wear they skirts and heels. The first couple warm days and they out in force. everywhere I go beautiful women. It's great. I love DC in the spring... lol

3. I think I'ma put the baby in a swimming class. She likes the water and she old enough to go in without me. I don't do pools and such. I used to live like 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean I've had my fill of water.

4. I think I'ma go to a regular ol happy hour this friday. Maybe catch a movie afterwards, I already need a drink. I don't go out much anyway. Plus I really really want to see "the Watchmen" It looks like a good movie. Yeah that's all the reason I need.

5. I'm grilling something this week. I've neglected my grill all winter, I miss it and it misses me. We used to be the best of friends then I started cooking inside. it's time to get back outside and use real fire... lol


buttahflychronicles said...

Mmmmm, is that a spice cake? You look like you needed more icing. I hardly use my mixer. I used to think it wasn't right to have a house without a mixer. Now i don't touch the thing. Oh well.

I can't wait till the spring wheather stays consistent. I'mma get my first french pedi next week. Yaay, I love spring attire and all the extras that come with it too. Good to know someone is paying attention.

Ms. Liryc said...

that cake looked so delicious, I mean damn!!

yeah, women in NY are the same, a little bit of nice weather and the open toed shoes, no jackets, short skirts.The men with their cars with windows down music blasting.

Swimming lessons are great, let her get a feel for the water, that is one thing about us as black people, not many of us know how to swim.. as for the watchmen, I heard it was a big flop so be forewarned that the movie might not live up to your expectations!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I'm one of those girls. . .bringing out the heels and the sexy yet tasteful gear.

I have been smelling B-Bque all week. .I didn't grill this winter. .and usaully I do. I want to do some grilling this weekend.

It is a very good thing to let your daughter take swimming lessons.

MP said...

now all i can think of is cake. *sigh*

Darius T. Williams said...

The cake looks good man...master whipped cream icing though - then do a video so you can teach me!

Kayos said...

If the cake was a way to lure people to the spot..man you succeeded!

Now I'm hungry!

jolie fatale said...

yes. get that baby in some swim lessons.. the next swim champ!

cake looks good.. since i'm on this vegan kick though I am trying to convert my recipes to be vegan as well. I'm working on it... WISH ME LUCK! :)

Nicki Sunshine said...

U and this food drives me nuts!!!!

Jada said...

That cake actually looks REALLY good! I'm hungry. I think getting your baby girl into swimming lessons asap is a great idea! I had to teach myslef!