16 March 2009

Keep It in Your Pants

I might have mentioned the HIV rate in DC before.  I know I talked about how 1 in 20 people around here have it.  Well I was reminded of this when the washington post put out this article

In the article they say the HIV rate is 3% in DC.  To put that in perspective they consider 1% a crisis.  It's higher then some places in west africa and on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya.  Amoung black men the rate is 7%.  That's just crazy.  people really really need to stop fuckin.  I'm sure that study doesn't account for people who don't know they have it.   I can't imagine being a woman trying to find a husband in this area.

This study scared me.  I know people who have sex with multiple partners and don't really consider the consequences.  Besides having babies people don't think about STD's like that.  We go off a "it looks ok" theory.  Personaly I've been STD free since 1979 and I'd like to stay that way.  

Anyway folks.. strap up or drink a V8. Just because it looks good doesn't mean it is good.


Opinionated Diva said...

I know people who have sex with multiple partners too...many of them glorify their exploits right here on blogger.

I think people just think their invincible...that stuff like this only happens to other people...until it happens to them. Sad.

Caspar608 said...

Me and this HIV positive dude from Jersey were going back and forth on a friends blog over his promiscuity and negligence in regards to his having sex with partners unwrapped without telling them he was positive...mind you...some of the cats he was running up in, and vice versa, were MARRIED men who went home to their unsuspecting wives. It came down to him calling me a bitch and me telling him he was the bitch for referring to his asshole as a pussy. Whatever the case may be, the numbers are frightening and I have been celibate for a while. I have too much to lose and my kids need me healthy. Condoms are not a 100% guaranteed to keep folks AIDS/HIV free, just like condoms cannot 100% guarantee you will not get pregnant.

Its sad that we are in crisis mode now because people have no regard for self control...or life.

Happy St. Patricks Day SDVB. Have a shot of Jameson on me, dude : )

Amber-Alert said...

yea im from the area too and that was like the topic of discussion all day yesterday...its scary as FUCK

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

People are too comfortable relying on the other person to have protection especially females wherein lies half of the epidemic. I was watching a documentary about HIV in the black community and even the young doctor that was stressing protecting and loving yourself so much admitted to not always using condoms with her boyfriend. Only to realise later that the man that she thought she was falling in love with and was starting an exclusive relationship with was still sleeping with other women.

buttahflychronicles said...

Damn, this made me a little sick to my stomach. Not because I think people with HIV are disgusting, but because most folk just want stable safe relationships, and I hate to hear that this dream is being stolen away from us at such an astonishing rate. I'm pissed.

Sha Boogie said...

I think AIDS & HIV are out of control because most people got this 'not me' complex. Not me..I can't get it...He/She looks clean..so they must not have it.. *smh*