17 March 2009

Live from the Corner pt... pt Dodgeball

So over in the corner I don't get many fringe benefits. I work with mostly smart people. Only thing is very few of them are attractive. It's rare you meet a young attractive black woman in IT.

So imagine my surprise when I'm sitting in another vendor meeting and this beautiful sales rep walks in from IBM. A funny thing happens when you see a young black woman in IT, you exchange eye contact quickly forget why your there and think how can I slip her my number. It's a completely instinctive thing. I can only think she sees few young black men in her travels because she seemed just as shocked to see me sitting in the room. I can imagine her day consists of sitting in meeting after meeting with middle aged white men.

There I was sitting across from this woman trying not to stare. I kept thinking how I wish I had my business cards to hand her. Yet still trying to focus on what I'm getting paid to do. After all this was a business meeting. I crack a couple jokes, say "bless you" when she sneezes and conduct myself in a normal manner. I decide to send my girl a text during the power point presentation. I needed the reminder. Then she hands out HER business card. Damn I could just email her when I get back to my desk. My co-works can't clown me if they never know right? I know she will remember me. What are the odds I'ma see her again?

Anyway we shake hands exchange pleasantries and I head back to my desk. My co-worker mentions how she was cute, I agree. I was waiting for them to make a joke how I should have tried to holla. It never came, Dave dodges another bullet. Did I mention I stood next to the baddest chick on the train friday? we rode all the way to my stop and she parked 3 cars from me. 3 CARS!!! she was in a white 5 series BMW, This kinda stuff happens to me when I'm being good. God is funny like that.


buttahflychronicles said...

Have you started shopping for rings yet? :)

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL! Yeah God is funny like that for real.

Throw the business card away Dave...like right now if you haven't already.

Shawn Smith said...

That's every man's pain.

When he is single, can't find anyone.

When he meets someone, they all come out of the woodwork.

Ms. Liryc said...

You know things like that seem to happen all the time, when you're single you meet NO ONE, but when you're attached its like everyone is out and about and you're meeting all these types of people who are just interesting, Hold tight homey... fight that temptation, mind you the warmer months are coming you're going to have to text your girl often, women are starting to shed clothing!

jolie fatale said...

werent you the one saying yesterday "just because it looks good doesnt mean it is good"? now look at you..throw the card away.. your prolly already emailed ..so trife..

hugs and kisses,
jolie .. lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Hustla - Rings? at this rate I won't make it thru spring.

@Diva - I didn't throw it away but I didn't email her either.

@Shawn - I think the same thing happens to women. All they exxes start calling them up.. lol

@Liryc - Once these women get some warm weather I'm done for.

@Jolie - did you just call me trife and give me hugs and kisses? sweet..lol And I didn't email her!!!