23 March 2009

Sweet 16

Aight so this weekend I went to my neice's 80's themed sweet 16 party. Let me just say that I should not be in a room full of teenagers. It's bad for my health. All I did was crack jokes on them. What kind of jokes? we let me share. Heres some observations from the party:

- If you mention 80's to a 16yo girl they think pink tights. Everyone had on hot pink.

- There were like 4 guys and and 20 girls. So a normal teenage boy caught in his hormones would love the situation. No not these dudes. They all huddled together, jumped into each others arms and wrestled. They were real touchy feely, Looked gay to me, but hey that might be how kids act now.

- One of the dudes has on girls socks

- Another guy had on what could only be described as an authentic 80's blazer. It was classic, blue metallic, straight off the wedding singer.

- When your playing 80's music everyone knows the words, even a chef who was singing and dancing in the hall.

- Watching 15 kids try to recreate the thriller dance is just funny.

Anyway we had fun, here's a couple picks of my costume

Peep my hype girl at the bottom.


Shawn Smith said...

Dude, love the chains and your hype girl.

What was funny to me was that I saw a guy here at work last week in a cardigan sweater from the 80's (like I used to see at the J.Riggins store).

Grey with felt patches and lettering. It look so fresh like it would still have the tag hanging on it.

Ms. Liryc said...

These youngsn's don't' know anything about the 80's. They've seen the 80's but don't really remember it.. Hell I barely remember the 80's and I was born in the era!! Sheesh..

LOL @ hot pink leggings! Its what they think, they don't know any better..

Loving the pic of you with the chain funny as all hell!! and your hype girl is too cute!

Ieisha said...

Did you have on shell toe Adidas with no laces? Please tell me yes!

Loving the look though!

girlfriend said...

The observations are too funny and the baby is the cutest hype girl of all time.
Sounds like much fun was had...

buttahflychronicles said...

Great costume. Where was the hat! Please tell me you didn't leave that off.

Ahhh, Thriller. I would've tried to learn the steps before the party just to show off. I'm a REAL 80s girl. Ya'll don't know nothin bout dat! Lol.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Yeah you need a Kangol and some Addias.
As long as your niece had fun that is all that mattered.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Everyone - naw no shell toes, I didn't want to spend alot on it.

@Hustla - no hat, you know i got a big head, I couldn't find one.