18 April 2009

The Growth - Blink

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Today's edition is related to a book I finished reading last week. Blink is a book about split second decisions and how we make them. You ever seen something or someone and instantly decide that you like or dislike them? I do this all the time with people, food, blogs everything. I make quick decisions and then try to either justify it or prove myself wrong.

It's usually about women though. I meet someone and decide in those first couple min weather I think it will work. Mind you I know NOTHING about them.... lol but those first couple minutes are crucial. If I like her then I try to find a reason not too. If I don't I try and find a reason too. Sometimes I succeed in talking myself into liking/disliking someone. Most the time my first instinct is the correct one. I'm always picking folks apart. I know it's wrong but it's just what I do. I constantly pick myself apart so doing it to others is easy. Knowing me is knowing that i make split second decisions on all kinds of things. i often joke that my twitter page would have to be updated like every 15 seconds. My mind is a random place that's always processing things. Analyzing looks, gestures, smiles everything. I soak it all in and make decisions. Some times those decisions are not the most educated or sensitive but at least I make them. I once heard that if you are not making enough mistakes that means your not making enough decisions.

So where was I? oh yeah Blink and women... the art of approaching women is completely based on this idea. You see them and make snap judgments on the type of person they are... smart, hood, bourgeois? you don't know until you approach them but you already created an opinion. You decided if you like them even before they said a word. You notice how they stand or the way they walk. That idea dictates how you approach them. It all happens quickly but it does happen. I notice this more now. I tend to apply any books I read to real life. just too see if they hold weight, Blink is definitely the truth. I'ma more aware person for reading it.


Kingsmomma said...

Very true and you should definitely always grow as a person from engrossing yourself in knowledge.
the split scond decisions can be so trivial or so pivitol or life changing.

I think i will pick that book up.

ninamm said...

Gladwell's a great read. I haven't read Blink yet...but it's on my to-read list. Tipping Point changed the way I viewed my life.

Opinionated Diva said...

I love your growth posts!

I'm surprised at you making snap decisions on people...wouldn't have figured you were the type to do that at all. However when it comes to food...you do act like a foodie snob! not cute...stop it! lol

buttahflychronicles said...

This totally makes sense to me.

I think I do this too, because I know I'm always telling myself to not judge people my just their looks or the way that they stand. How do I look, how do I stand, how do I walk. Could this be the reason I ain't getting no action, lol.