24 April 2009

Missing the baby...

So I'm missing my daughter, She's been giving me the cold shoulder this week. Well I'm sure it's a mix of wanting to play at her grandma's and her mom being mad at me but what ever the reason I've only seen her once since Sunday. I'm not even sure what to do with myself, I'm quite literally lost when she's not around. My whole rhythm is off, I can't think right can't blog on schedule, nothing... lol I should have taken the time to clean my house but instead I just kinda laid around in a bored stupor. Sure the free time gave me a chance to hang out with my new girlfriend and excerise but nothing is like playing with my baby.... I'm wondering if this is just a phase or should I begin to adjust to not seeing her as often. It's not like she's mad at me or anything, we hung out on saturday and had fun it's just that she wants to play with her friends and get spoiled at grandmas which I can understand. If I was 4 I'd be trying to have as much fun as possible too. Lets face it I'm fun but no where near as fun as other kids. I actually need to do a better job of just calling the baby. I'm really not a phone person so I try and only call her mom I'm picking up or dropping off the baby off, but I'ma have to make some "Just wanted to see how you were doing" calls just to check in on her. Usually I just talk to her mom but it's always nice to hear the babies voice even if she is telling me about some barbie on TV.

Anyway It's supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend in DC, I hope it's the same where ever your at.


Ms. Behaving said...

What a sweet post --- You're such a doting dad!! :-)

RealHustla said...

Awwwwww. And when my kids are away from me, I damn near have to beg to speack to them and justify why we need to talk.

JEM said...

Aww Dave.

This is one of the sweetest things.

I promise to be back over here to comment like err'day.

I really been slacking I leave and you get a girlfriend and probably did some other exciting stuff too!

Let me keep reading!

Kayos said...

Well that's no bueno. You only call when you coming to pick her up or droppin her off!

As long as she knows you love her then there won't be any issues because she knows her daddy misses her and loves her.

Kingsmomma said...

Awww Dave.
I think that as she grows older you willhave to adjust to the fact that she may not always want to come over when there are other options. Now that she's getting older and can excerise her free will it's important for you to establish a non physical relationship, maybe getting her that disney phone where you can have your number on speed dial (and that is the only number) so that you two can always talk no matter what.

Kingsmomma said...

and ummm New Girlfriend?????
I'm starting a pool

Sha Boogie said...

Yea..ur missing the baby..ok, I get it -- but we can talk about something important like the NEW girlfriend?? I see you don't play! You drop one off and pick up another huh? Keeps it movin?? I see you!! lol

True2me said...


but umm yeah, you may not see your child as often. Think about the dad's (and sometimes moms) who see their kid only every other week.

My stupid ex sees his kids once a y ear (he can do better)

Its a part of life when you have a split family


RunningMom said...

How'd you get a NEW girlfriend already. I thought you were trying to be single again.. lol

I feel your pain tho, when my son isn't around I miss him. The older they get the easier it gets. They aren't as cute and cuddly and they are waaaay more expensive. When he is gone I get to keep my money.. lol

Intrepidblackman said...

Why can't you just go get her? You say you see her less than you used to, and it sounds like you are letting it be her decision. Don't do that. Go get your kid, plan to have her friends do a sleep over at your spot. Make it happen.