21 April 2009

Sports Talk with Dave... Natinals Edition

I know what your thinking.... Ummm dave you misspelled Nationals.. An you would be right but it's ok because apparently the people who run the team can spell it either. Peep what some players went on the field wearing Sunday.

I mean really? nobody caught that huh? Again this is EXACTLY why DC sports team sucks... Nobody is paying attention to the details. They spent $600 million dollars on a new stadium which I have heard is beautiful, I have not gone yet but I think I'm going next month. Hopefully by then they will spend a lil money hiring seamstresses who can spell. Oh yeah the Natinals are 1-10 this season. Hard to see why.

BTW.. before the Wizards season was over several players were spotted clubbing the night before a game in Toronto. So they stayed out late, got drunk then traveled to Canada to play a game. I don't know about you but playing basketball is the last thing I wanna do after staying out late drinking. But her I guess that's why they are professionals... lol


Saule Wright said...

The thing that trips me up the most about that "o" incident, the team has 2 other jerseys they could have worn. I don't think you have to get that shit cleared in baseball like you have to in basketball and football. I would have just gone with another jersey, it WAS a home game.

Ieisha said...

And folks wonder why the US can't compete academically with other countries.

Every single person that was involved with the design, production and delivery of that product should be fired. There's this invention out there that helps with correct spelling called spell-check.

There is no excuse for this. And FYI, stupidity and ignorance is NOT an excuse!

Kingsmomma said...

LMFAO. Ohh the ignorance. I agree with the above, everyone needs to be fired. Fired and Fined. Like For real NO ONE caught that?

Ms. Behaving said...

Somebody needed to buy a vowel...LOL

SacredAngel said...

It's not that someone is English challenged it's that someone is mathematically challenged. I think the o is there it's just covered by the flap of the shirt. For a name that long a button up jersey is stupid.

True2me said...

what the hell!

Sha Boogie said...

Ya'll got to much on your plates with politics and all to be worried about sports..leave it to the pro's in BOSTON!!!!!

girlfriend said...

Yes, I did intially think you misspelled "Nationals" but then when I scrolled down a tad bit and saw it on the jersey I thought, "Well, maybe it's the name of a bird I've never heard of *shrug*." LOL!

Mocha Dad said...

I lived in DC for 6 years. I feel your pain.

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