04 May 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was pretty quiet. Played water balloons with the baby. Watching the playoffs (FUCK YOU BULLS!!!) actually let me talk about the bulls for a sec... I stay up watching 7 overtimes and you bamma's decide to lay an egg in game 7? I mean it's bad enough you let Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen beat you over and over but you overcome all that to just go home. They blew my night. Now I have to deal with Diva's trash talking for another round. The bulls losing did lead to a funny convo with a fellow blogger who will remain nameless. I'm not sure they would want you to know how a conversation about the NBA playoffs and how David Stern is in the mafia turned into how KY tastes like chicken... yeah bloggers are nasty.. lol (for the record I have no idea what it tastes like, I've actually never used the stuff)

So besides that I learned my dishwasher is broke. Needs a new pump, Sears dude said it would be $300. This is where being able to do stuff yourself comes in handy. I can buy a new one and install it myself for $350. Oh and apparently some storm from last May jacked up my roof so I may be getting that replaced.. happy day!


Kingsmomma said...

Good Morning, Sounds like you had a rough weekend. Mine went pretty well but considering I am an avid Jesus Shuttlesworth fan my weekend went fantabously.

Umm I don't know who you were talking to and what they were tasting but KY most certainly does not taste like chicken. not in the least bit.

Sorry to hear about your dishwasher... See what happens when you bet against Jesus?

Otis said...

Chicago spoiled my night at well,
but seeing Hatton get floored was a highlight.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I honestly didn't think the Celtics would pull it out! I mean Paul Pierce couldn't hold that team together before Garnett and I just don't see them advancing that far without him...I couldn't have stood one more game with double and/or triple overtimes though!

Freedom AT LAST! said...

Hey Davey...That was funny!!

It is good that you are a handy man b/c folks will rip you off lol...

Have a Great Day and Week!

Opinionated Diva said...

so distracted by the KY tasting like chicken comment. hmmmm...yeah...i have the most confused look on my face thinking bout this...but i'm moving on


*happy dance* *carlton banks dance* this made my weekend! lol

can't you buy a completely new dishwasher for that much??? for as much as the roof is going to cost you, you need to just get ole school and wash your own dishes by hand hmmmmph!

Kayos said...

You not mad at Jesus Shuttlesworth is you?!? ROFL!!!

It's all good. I hate you got all those home improvements but hey when it needs to be done git 'er done!