14 May 2009

I'ma G.. pt 2

You remember this post about my tomato plants... well look at them now baby!!!

They even have some flowers on them, The flowers turn to tomatoes so I'll have plenty of salsa in a few weeks.

I'll post something real later... My mind is busy watching the Magic beat the Celtics. Maybe this will lead to a Sports talk with Dave post.


Kayos said...


He got a green thumb! Another trait to go in the chick magnet arsenal!!!!

Lookin Good Dave!

Opinionated Diva said...

I think you should talk about how the Rockets stomped on the FLakers last night WITHOUT Yao.

First quarter was so bad..even I felt pity for them...I think they made history with how bad it was.

Tsk tsk

Ps: leave my Celtics alone!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Somebody loves his tomatoes

Sha Boogie said...

I am totally jealous because I want to plant tomatoes and ain't got no where to do it :(

I even considered getting one of those upside down growers I saw on an infomercial, lol

Caspar608 said...

Grow some weed.

When the going gets tuff, you can sell that stuff.