01 June 2009

I still cook..

I still cook. Despite the lack of Cookin with Dave (CWD) episodes. Every now and then people ask me about it and all I can say is I'm waiting on my cousin to edit the video. We've had 2 episodes filmed for months that are just gathering dust.

The truth is that the whole show is about him. It only started to give him some experience filming. So what started out as a "lets just have some fun" kinda thing turned into a real production. We talked about having guest cooks and assistants, I made jokes about getting picked up by the food network, We viewed other internet cooking shows as competition. We wanted to make the show great. I was taking off work to film and really taking it serious. I felt like it was MY show. Then I realized that this was not MY dream but my cousins. Why was I pushing him? He should have wanted it more then me. He should have been promoting it more then me he should be pushing ME to make a better show. it was going to be his portfolio. this was about his talent behind the camera, not mine behind a stove. So we sat down had a talk and basically I left it in his hands. Where before I would push him to get stuff done, now I just let it slide. Whenever he decides to edit the last 2 episodes I'll post them. We could have filmed me making ribs but why? I end up losing money helping him get some experience, that he may or may not even want.

So CWD is on hold. Until my producer decides he wants to continue the show or cancel it.

Anyway, I've been slipping on my posting. I'll try to get back in the groove this week. I really don't have much to post about.


Anonymous said...

Well since the show is on hold what about some pictures and some recipes.

Cynthia said...

Can;t wait to see!!