27 August 2009

August re-cap

August has been a LONG month for me, I'll be happy for it to come to a end. Lets recap some of the high/low lights

- Went to court and got the child support straighten out. This was great even though my BM is still upset over it and swears she deserved more. Oh well....

- Filed court papers to get visitation on record. Until now I just saw my daughter when ever I wanted which was cool. But I also got her whenever her mom wanted, which meant I was a pseudo babysitter. My baby would go from house to house 3x a day some days. I need some consistency in my life so I wanna get it written down.

- I found out my baby will be home schooled. Yup her mom decided to rob her of a 1st day of kindergarten and keep her home. I was shocked by the whole thing, argued back and forth with her mom about it and found out there isn't much I can do about it. It's completly legal, dumb as hell, but legal. It's a huge changing point for me because for all the BS my daughter has been well taken care of. I might have agreed with everything but she was never hurt long term. This shyt is beyond beleif to me, everytime I think about it I get mad. All them pictures of kids on their first day just made me more mad. The best reason her mom had for doing it was I didn't pay for private school. Mind you she can home school because she DOESN'T WORK!! .... ok moving on

- I'm pretty sure my GF was thisclose to kicking me to the curb the last 3 weeks. It's a weird feeling because I cant recall ever being dumped. She hates my BM situation but she hates how I handle it more. I'm a passive person by nature, I'm used to the fuckery that is my BM but it's all new for her. Where she wants me to raise fire I'm more calm about the whole thing. She has a fresh distaste for it which I can understand. In the end I hope she sticks around, lord knows she's good for me and I love her.

- I got some new neighbors, at first glance looks like a house full of teenage boys. Should be fun.

- I was sick for a week. Not normal *cough cough* sick but razor blade in your throat sick. I swear I was going to die. I even made a plea on facebook for people to help my mom sell my organs online after I was gone.

- I started my biggest project of the year at work. It all seemed well in practice, then we started and everything blew up. I was saying FML (fuck my life) so much my GF said I should start saying BML (Bless My Life) and maybe things would change. See she's good for me!! I started saying BML but yeah my project is still codename FUBAR (some of you will get that)

So in short that has been my Aug. We still have a couple days left so I'ma try and end it on a good note. My buddies baby is getting baptised this weekend so while I'm in church I'll say a few extra prayers.


BorednTalkative said...

Did I just read the "L" word? Well I hope your GF sticks around as well.

I wish your BM would grow up!! Does she not realise that the only person she is going to hurt in the long run is the baby? If she wants her to go to private school, she could do like other folk....and get a job. SMH

Kingsmomma said...

Wow love? That Is a BIG step no? But wait didn't she cook you those petit tarts? lol

Home Schooling? I suggest yuo monior that Keenly. That's serious. If you have joint custody that IS something you have say in. I wouldn't let that go by lightly. This is a life altering decision.

Good luck
and I hope the girly stays around

The Jaded NYer said...

BorednTalkative, you took the words right out my mouth! I saw "love" and choked on my water.

LOVE? WORD? well SHIT- I hope she sticks around, too, then!

Caspar608 said...


BM is home schooling the baby because the STATE will give her money to do so.

Yeah, look into that asap.

I'm serious bro.

And then take that matter to court pronto. YOU have a say in where the baby goes to school.


buttahflychronicles said...

I'm gonna admit, I feel a little panicky but you will get through this. First thing, we gotta figure out how to keep the GF.

I'm sure you've explained to her the difference between blowing up at BM and staying cool. But you're right, it's just because it's all new to her. So, you have to lay on the charm extra thick.

-Spontaneous long hugs.
-Help with housekeeping projects around HER house.
-breakfast in bed after a completely unselfish night.

Don't give up. Fight hard for the people you love.

The homeschooling thing should work out fine but I can understand why you're mad. Get involved, and during your visitation court, demand she have to submit a syllabus and daily/weekly schedule to YOU. Shit, a quarterly lesson plan. They have groups of people who organize play dates and stuff for homeschooled kids. Look those up and suggest some activities for the baby. GET INVOLVED in the whole process. This will either calm the BM down or cause her to put her back in public school because she couldn't irritate you. It could also help ease your concerns.

Fight harder. Fight harder.

Insatiable One said...

Sigh. Oh how I loathe your BM for being so petty. Sigh. I really do hope things work out with the visitation and hopefully getting your daughter into a good (free!) public school.

Love? the GF? Wow, Dave. Seriously? Then I suggest you do what you have to do to have a "stay-cation" with her and remind her of why you love her so. Don't let a good woman walk out of your life. She sounds like a great woman. Best of luck on that.

FUBAR? Ok, now I'm curious....

EmberRose said...

Buttahfly knows what's up about the school stuff so I won't repeat that.

Well slap me and call me Sally, nigga you said LOVE!?!?! Get out! I'm so happy for you.

As someone who married someone with a BM who specializes in douchebaggery....I get where your GF is coming from. And you've helped me see into my husband's perspective. Thank you Dave.

I'm a Navy brat and now a wife. I'm all too familiar with FUBAR. Google it Insatiable. ;)

Caspar608 said...

BM is a lazy perpetual student who doesnt want to get a job...so now she wants to "homeschool".

How convenient....

The baby should go to school for AT LEAST kindergarten and I have no idea why you didnt have a say in that move.

Home schooling is ok as long as you arent doing it to keep collecting welfare and various forms of public aid on my tax dollars.

I handed my babies over to strangers to provide for my blood. Like, it might have been swell to home school but it wasnt an option for me. Intelligent as I am, I have a deeper love and I am not going to stand around and wait for someone to give me something I can get for myself.

Further, Brown v. Board of Ed was too important a case in the history of this country for me not to be active in demanding my children have equal education opportunites.

Over Thirty Mommy said...

Just wanted to say HI, I found your blog through a suggestion at http://daddyforever.com/2009/09/02/hp-laptops-notebook/#comment-74197

I read this post to see if it was my type of blog. I have to say I am now a follower and look forward to reading more.

Sorry for all your troubles with BM and I hope your girlfriend hangs in there.