24 August 2009

My Reputation preceeds me...

When your coming up you get alot of reputations, some good some bad. I've had a a couple in my life. I spent most of my teenage years going by the nickname "monsta" smoking, drinking and just doing dumb shyt. Spent my early twenties blowing money and living the good life. I worked 2 jobs even though I didn't need to. I was on my grind and that was it. I spent 5 years working double time, on a paper chase. Everyone saw me as some one with money to blow. After my baby was born I was still working 2 jobs. For maybe the first year of her life I did. Then I decided to cut back and spent more time with her. Which was kinda backwards since my bills went up. More bills, less income yeah that's hustling backwards. I made it work though. Only thing was I had my reputation. So even now 4 years later when I tell my friends I'm thinking about getting a PT job again to pay off some debt they say "please as much as you make?" or everyone compares what they are doing to what I did. So many "I wanna get like you" comments.

I always say "you are who you are" but that's not always the case, you grow and change over time and your reputation doesn't always follow suit. So when people base you on your reputation take a moment to see which rep they are referring too.


buttahflychronicles said...

I'm remembering back to my early 20s now. Woo.

Whenever I speak to this certain friend, it's disappointing to hear that her conversation is exactly the same format as it was back then. Drive me nuts.

Maybe you keep running into these people. People who haven't yet transitioned into a more mature experienced state. Dont pay them no neva mind and do you.

The Sphinx said...

Hey just stopping by your site from one of my blog roll peeps. I think it's a good blog because it's a different perspective, instead of the same one from the BM's. lol Kudos to you for taking care of your responsibility (and sharing it with us).
Anyway, good post. I have to tell myself all the time to stop thinking that I want something someone else has. You never know what someone went through to get what they have.Or, who they were when they got it.

Anonymous said...

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