15 September 2009

Football Sunday

Soo this sunday marked the start of football season (im ignoring that thursday game, football starts on sunday that's just a fact) So to celebrate my boy invited me over to watch the game with some of his friends. He's a diehard Redskin fan, I'm a charger/bucs fan so we get along pretty well. redskin fans are ok with anyone NOT in the NFC east.

So I'm walking up to his house around 12:30. just in time to catch a lil pre-game action and get settled before the kickoff. from the street I hear a bark that could only have come from Cerberus. I mean it was loud and deep and earth shaking. Now I knew he had 2 dogs but I had never seen them. I reached the door and 2 huge beasts greeted me. These are DOGS not toy muts but grown ass built in security system dogs. Funny thing is they quiet and nice. They just want to be petted lol.

So I greet my boy and he offers me some pizza. Now most people get dominos or pizza hut or whatever. My boy had a pizza from some italian pizzeria that had bacon and pepperoni on it. when I say bacon I mean REAL bacon. Like breakfast bacon chopped up and put on a pizza. That shyt was amazing. I feel like every other pizza I had with bacon on it was just taking my money. It was life changing...

So I'm sitting alone on this love seat drinking Red Stripe and watching the game. Redskin fans are a heart attack waiting to happen, they are happy then sad in the course of 30 seconds. it's really funny to watch. to see their hopes and dreams toyed with on every play. It's a experience everyone needs. Anyway I'm chilling then a cowboys fan comes in and sits right next to me... on the love seat. I instantly looked down to see how much room was between us. I mean I rub thighs with no man! we had about 10inches inbetween us so we were cool. We both were hugging the arm rests lol.

So as the game is going on the Redskins are losing to the Giants. looking horrible bad at that. My cousin (he's a giants fan) is calling me non-stop. He wants to complain about the commentators. He's demanding Troy Akiman only call Dallas games. Even though his team is winning he's finding something to complain about lol.

Oh how I missed football.


Kingsmomma said...

LOL @ the Cerebus reference. I just knew my Greek and Latin mythology classes would come in handy one day.

I'm getting into the football spirit. Not sure which team to root for yet though, I'll go have a look at the online rosters :)

Wendal said...

Reading about the Redskins fans gives me some peace. Being a Raiders fan, we've come to terms with our 'commitment to dysfunction'

Last night's game against the Chargers did give me hope though. Alot of hope. We were just that close to finally beating the Chargers.

Insatiable One said...

Wait wait wait. What is wrong if you and the guy's leg touched? LOL I don't understand that.
Let's like if two men go to the movies together (which is a rarity), they always put a seat between them.

Eb the Celeb said...

how the heck are you a chargers/bucs fan?

that's almost inhumane...


and yes how I've missed my football as well!

12kyle said...

I'm so glad it's football season. Looks like the Chargers will be ok if Norv Turner doesn't get in the way.

Might be a long year for the Bucs

I'll be at the Dome rooting for my Falcons this weekend

buttahflychronicles said...

Cerebrus? lmao.

I think it was the amazing pizza that weakened your guard causing you to think it okay to sit on a love seat with a man. I see this stuff happen during Thanksgiving and Christmas all the time. Times when the food is remarkably good and special.