17 September 2009

The Growth - Bye Bye 20's

So if you didn't know I'm turning 30 in November. Most of my HS classmates on FB are talking urning 30 like its a life crisis. Not me, I'm looking forward to it. Being 30 means I have 1 less excuse for doing dumb stuff. I'm no longer "young and dumb". I spent my 20's a bunch of stuff that I shouldn't have. I knew better and that still didn't stop me. Now I can focus on my growth.

I feel like I spent my early 20's living it up and my late 20's just kinda on cruise. I used to know exactly what I wanted out of life. Then I lost that vision, I was lazy. Now it's back, I know I'm not that dude who's meant to be chasing girls till I'm 45, I really don't go out drinking and parting. I have a friend who does that and It's just appealing to me. I basically live a boring life and I kinda like it like that. It's quiet. Hell I'm on the homeowners association and seriously considered joining the PTA!! All my friends are married with kids. I hang with them and see they kinda life I want. What life should be like. Even when they ask me for crazy single guy stories I know they got it better. They just miss being single. Just not enough to trade with me lol. It's funny I was in the barber shop and the married guys were talking to the single guys about how you have to change your ways BEFORE you get married not after. You have too feel like your not missing out on anything by going home after work instead of out to hang with the guys. You have to be tired of the nightlife. In the end as a man your defined as 3 things. your a son, father and husband. I'm 2 outta the three.

Hold up this is not a "Dave needs a wife" post lol... Its not just the marriage thing. Many aspects of my life I have been slacking on. I refuse to spend my 30's like I did my 20's. Not that they were bad. They brought me my daughter and taught me many life lessons. No doubt I had my fun. Along with that fun my 20's brought a mortage, debt and more responsiblity. Looking back I just feel like I could have done more. I can't change the past but I can change how I approach my future. I know what I want I just need to do a better job of executing. As Jay-Z once said "I'm focused man"

When I was in my earl 20's me and my cousins had this thing about keeping our word. Basiclly if you said you were going to do something you had to do it, no excuses. If I just thought about it that doesn't count. Once you voice those desires to another person you are bound by your word to do it. I've carried this thru my life and tried my best to do everything I said I was going to do even when I didn't want to. So using this blog as my voice I'm going to say I'll be a better man in my 30's then I have been in my 20's. So in a couple months i'll stare a brand new decade in the face and smile. For as much as I've been thru I still have so much more to do. Long story short if you liked me before your going to love me now.


Opinionated Diva said...

awww...luv the last line and loved the barber shop talk with the old dudes schooling the younger ones on marriage.

E.M.H. said...

Like the post....interesting read; I enjoyed it. With each birthday comes a time to reflect, make changes, and keep it pushin. :-)

Tiffany Nicole said...

I share some of the same sentiments. I'll be 30 in December and I'm actually looking forward to it. Repositon myself to be great than what I am at the moment. I look forward to you sharing the reinvented you!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, I will soon be pushing 40 and I know I am getting better.
We only get wiser with age. So, that is something to look forward to.

Ieisha said...

"Long story short if you liked me before your going to love me now."

Lovin' that line....enjoy it. I'll only be 29 this November but I'm right behind you!!!

Stay focused!

Insatiable One said...

Sometimes I jsut wish I could be a fly on the wall in a barbershop. This is really deep, dave. Insightful too. I don't know why folks are so afraid of 30. It's like a new beginning in life as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure the Baby Daddy Diaries will have some interesting post after November. Turning the "Dirty 30" should be celebrated with a housecleaning of your mind, body and soul. I think you're getting an early start.

Freedom said...

Welcome to the 30's soon! But don't forget the 30's are NOT the new 20's LOL. You're probably glad of that (smiles). Big things indeed for the 30's school and probably marriage. God Bless all your plans!