21 September 2009

Man On the Moon.. Album Review

So I just finished listening to this Kid Cudi album. First let me say I never really felt dude. Something about his voice throws me off. I didn't pay much attention to it till now, i just knew that "Day and Night" song was hot because of the hook and not because of his verses. "Make her say" was hot because it had Common and Kanye on it.

Since dude is one of the new crop of artists I gave the album a chance. 3 songs in I realized why I wasn't feeling him. Dude doesn't RAP!! he kinda sings but not even that. It's like he's talking to the beat.. lol I can't explain it but it sucks. I listened to most the album and didn't hear 1 real rap verse. I could understand this if he produced the tracks. He raps like he wants the music to shine more then his words.

Now I don't have a problem with rappers singing. I remember when Cee-Lo dropped "Cee-lo Green and his perfect imperfections" I was blasting it for like 2 months straight. When Andre 3k put out "The love below" it was great, as was Phonte from big brother doing his foreign exchange thing. Hell even Kanye's 808's album was good. Heres the thing though all them dudes are good too great RAPPERS and they still rapped on those albums. Hell even Drake showed he can actually rap. Even if he wants to do duets with Trey Songz I can listen to his mixtapes and get some actual rap verses.

Maybe I'm old school but I still expect my rappers to show that they can actually RAP.

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Insatiable One said...

See, this is why I'm not in a rush to listen to his stuff. My son's father said it was on some other ish so he's going to listen to it again. He's convinced its one of those that just has to grow on you. yea, whatever.