20 October 2009

Cooking for Puffy

So you might remember me mentioning my cousin Puffy. I like to call him my college student. He comes past my house and eats any leftovers I happen to have on hand. So while he was over last week we talked about me cooking for him. As in he pays me once a week and I make something for him to take for lunch. Sounded like a good idea, he needs food and I like cooking. So we agreed on a price and amount of food.

1st up was Orange Bourbon Chicken with a cornbread top. I got this recipe from Rachel Ray's cookbook that my buddy @jazz_kat sent me. I would link her blog but she don't blog anymore lol. This was my 3rd time ever making cornbread from scratch. The 1st time was a disaster, I tried to re-make a hot tamale pie my ex for dinner once. hers was great, mine was dense and bad. the baby wouldn't even eat it. The 2nd try was much better, So I felt comfortable trying something new with it. Plus this involved me making a BBQ sauce which I knew I could do well. Anyway I took pics!!

the beginning of the Orange Bourbon BBQ sauce, Onions and garlic

Oranges of course

Sauce taking shape

Getting the chicken ready

Chicken in Pan, this was too much chicken for this pan.

chicken meet BBQ sauce

Add cornbread to the party

Finished Product

The only thing I can say is that I made too much cornbread. I made a double batch and that was just too much. it was good though. I also added real bourbon to the sauce which I can believe I didn't take a picture of. I might make some for myself soon.


BorednTalkative said...

That looked good. If I could, I'd fly you to London to cook for me.

Kingsmomma said...

Ok..Dc this weekend for a Slumber Party...

Ms. Insatiable said...

That looks good. What else did you serve it with? Which RR book is it? I love her stuff.

inc23 said...

that looks so good. i wish i had a cooking gene!