30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Today marks 30 days until my b-day. This is important to me but I'm guessing you could care less. What I'm sure you do care about is Halloween. Lets take a trip back to last year and you can see a bigger, younger Super Dave interviewing random people in the street. Personally I think it's still funny...

Nightmare On M St. (Holloween '08) from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.


buttahflychronicles said...

This is not a post about the BM

Ieisha said...

OMG! I remember watching this last year! Your hat was hilarious. Amazing how people will stop and talk to a perfect stranger on the street dressed just as odd as they are.

Have I been reading your blog for over a year? My, how time flies!!!!