28 October 2009

Let Me Think About It

I over think stuff. I mean everything. Conversations, actions everything. My mind is always analyzing and processing stuff. Just trying to play out scenarios. I predict how conversations are going to go, what other people are going to do and why. Basically my mind is like a Wall street trading floor. thoughts flying everywhere some good some bad. Usually this is fine but sometimes I get in my own way. I spend more time thinking instead of enjoying.

I started reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It's a interesting book, dude might be a lil insane but he makes his point in a way I can understand. He basically says that you should control your mind not let it control you. It's just a tool. So you need to get the voices in a room and tell them who's boss... lol I can really really understand this. Sometimes I have a thought and I feel like I'm watching someone else think it, it's soo outside of who I am that it can't be mine. Like my mind is doing it's own thing.

I was talking to my cousin (lets call him twin because he's like my brother) and he was reminding me that I accomplish pretty much everything I set my sights on. He's right, when I focus and get my thoughts together I can do whatever I want. The problem is keeping that focus, keeping my mind from drifting off. Getting all those thoughts off the trading room floor and into a classroom so they can focus.

When my mind is focused I tend to enjoy the moment more. I'm not worried about the future, I live for the now. My mind has no time to play out future events because it's busy handling NOW issues.

With that I leave you with my quote of the day:

"Enough thinking thru.Enough planning for.Enough worrying about.Simply,richly,live." - Ralph Marston


12kyle said...

there's a lot that goes into our own inner thought process. i think focus is the key. good post...i need this one!

brran1 said...

Man, I think I need to read that book as well. I spend so much time thinking about how to execute some things that by the time I'm done thinking, the moment has passed.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because I have the same issue. Constantly thinking and re-processing what just happened and what does it really mean. Ugh! It drives me crazy. Sometimes I just have to stop myself and try to take whatever the situation/comment at face value.

Glad I'm not alone...I better read the book cause it has been on my bookshelf for months.

Opinionated Diva said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with analyzing situations thoroughly...to me thats the focus you need...to make the right decision.