22 October 2009

Punkin Pie!!!!

This is becoming a cooking blog... lol I promise I have some good stuff to blog about, I just need to get these blogs off my plate.

Ok so you remember me and the baby went to the corn maze? well she got a little pumpkin (maybe 2 pounds) from the pumpkin patch and told me she wanted to make it into pie. not a jack-o-lantern but a damn pie. I've never seen anyone break down a pumpkin and turn it into anything that wasn't filled with a candle so I saw it as something to try. I asked her if she would help and she agreed. Here's the pics

The pumpkin minus the top

the guts

Breaking Child Labor laws and putting the baby to work

After boiling (I really should have roasted it, maybe next time)

pumpkin puree, but it's not enough for a pie.

Back up Pumpkin *hangs head in shame*

Pie dough, YES from a box sue me!

ready for the oven

Done and Done, what to do while it's cooling?

yum Pumpkin seeds!

REAL Play Dough lol


Ms. Behaving said...

I think it's a blessing that I don't know the first thing about baking...

::whispering:: If you think I'm complaining about weight gain NOW, can you imagine how much I'd be doing it then??? LOL

Looks good though!!! :-)

BorednTalkative said...

You have so put me in the mood for pumpkin pie now.

Anonymous said...

looks good!!!

Caspar608 said...

really not a fan of pumpkin pie...my kids are though...

making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this weekend. yippee!!!

you, my blogger friend, are a great Dad! Your little girl sure is blessed : )

have a good day.


Ms. Insatiable said...

Two years you've been blogging its become a cooking blog?! I kid. Its looks pretty good though. Good for you guys.

Ieisha said...

Sooooooo.....what did it taste like?????????

Sha Boogie said...

lol @ the baby! she was like forget wasting that pumpkin, we'ze gonna eat it!

RealHustla said...

People at my job have pumpkin patches. They said you roast it but add water to the pan so that it wont dry out. Afterwards you can can the purree to use throughout the year.

And the pumpkin is stringy but you supposedly grow accustomed to it. I don't like stringy pumpkin pie myself.