19 October 2009

R.I.P Goldie

On friday night my baby asked to feed our goldfish "Goldie". she had done it before and I was busy cooking so I said ok. I look over just in time to see her dump a tablespoons worth of food into the tank.

"nnoooo" I said as I tried to scoop some out. I explained that it was too much food for our pet. I got some out by goldfish flakes are not easy to remove. I left it in the tank and figured I'd just have to change the water in the morning. Goldie ate like it was thanksgiving....

In the morning I come downstairs to fix breakfast and see Goldie belly up in the tank. "Shyt!!" I think, the baby was still upstairs and didn't see it. At first i thought he was dead but after careful examination I see he is still breathing. I quickly put him in some fresh water and hope he can pull thru. I'm hoping he just ate too much and had a sever case of the itis.

the baby comes down and sees the fish. oddly she doesn't cry she just asks whats wrong. I say he's sick and I think he ate too much. She says she hopes he feels better... about 2 hours go by and I can tell he's not going to make it. I tell the baby we can go get a new fish. She asks if goldie is dead. I say no. Then she seems excited about a new fish. We have had goldie for about 3 years, he was a 23 cent fish from the pet store. Well worth every penny.

6 hours later, Goldie is on his last legs... I take the baby to get a new fish. she picks a white and gold goldfish which the petsmart lady says "looks pregnant" great now i gotta deal with baby fish too??? she assures me that the momma will eat the babies (I think this is both true and sad) I ask the baby what she wants to name this new pet and she says "Goldie" uuummmm ok. (my daughter has never been good a naming stuff)

We get home and "old" goldie was gone. The baby didn't cry, she actually wanted me to just throw him away. I told her we would flush him down the toilet. My plan worked out perfect, I didn't panic or make it a big deal so the baby didn't either. we don't cry over goldfish in the Van Buren house lol

RIP Goldie #1 2006 - 2009


Ieisha said...

Awww.....Goldie, lol.

Buddha's little cousin has a pet bunny and they're on bunny #3.....let me tell you, bunnies are NOT resilient pets, lol.

Good luck with Goldie #2!

Kingsmomma said...

LOL...reminds me of when my mom killed my goldfish (named Charley) by putting him in the ammonia laced bucket as she cleaned his tank. I think i may get king a pet fish....Big if

anyway good luck and remember Goldfish don't get the itis...they just burst

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! What a cute story!!! Well good luck with the new Goldie. Okay does everyone name their goldfish goldie. My daughter has a goldfish named that to.. Your such a good dad!!!!

inc23 said...

that first pic is gross. long live the new Goldie!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

We have a betta fish. We've had it since last Christmas, I am happy he is still alive. I do wonder what it will be like if he dies. Three years is a long time to have the same fish.

BorednTalkative said...

Wow three years, that's a long time for one goldfish. I'm glad the baby took it in her stride. Good luck with Goldie #2.