01 October 2009

Starting Over

I've flirted with the idea of starting over for a long time. The idea of packing up and moving to a new city intrigues me. Of course now I couldn't do this because my baby is here. Before she was born I thought about it often. Starting over in some random mid size city like Seattle. Spend a few years someplace where nobody knows me. I'd enjoy the challenge, just see if I could be successful. I think it's the part of me that takes after my dad. I tell my lil cousins they should explore the world while they can, live in as many places as you want.

I think about how my career could have fueled this. As a IT contractor there are all kinds of 6 and 12 month contracts all over the world. I could get paid to spend 3 months in Brazil, 6 months in Egypt or a year in Chicago. once the contracts up I come home. Like the military minus the gun shots and heavy uniforms.

One of my older cousins moved to NC, While I couldn't see myself down there he loves it. Claims he's never moving back. One of my other cousins moved to TX, he hates it and wants to come back ASAP... lol The thing is they did it, If I moved and didn't like it it's no big deal I'd just come back. Point is you tried. You come home, regroup and pick a new city.

Anyway enough with the day dreams... Dave's not leaving DC no time soon.


Ms. Liryc said...

Hey you! Long time no read!! But, I'm back.

I had the same thought a couple of months back. I wanted to move to DC actually to teach there but I didn't get into the program that I wanted and it wasn't feesable financially so I just stayed. I think moving to somewhere, where no one knows you is a good thing. you get to start new, make things fresh and just have no one in your business.. though you can't do it now, in the future you never know what may happen!

Tiffany Nicole said...

I love the ideal of moving, beginning again, new faces, new places...I have nothing to tie me in one place, but sometimes not knowing the unknown keeps me planted. The S.O. and I have decided we will do it together. He lives up north (too cold for my blood) and I live in the midwest (yeah long distance, met in high school he moved I stayed now back together). So we are needed to South in about a year. At least I'll know one person!!!

peace2332000 said...

I've moved twice. The city I am in now I like it, but it's not as good as I would want it to be. But I always make sure that I spend a minimum amount of time in the new city that I move to.

I like starting over again for the same reason: the challenge. It's amazing the things you miss when you move: knowing where to get the best BBQ, what nail salon to NEVER set foot in, all the little side streets to avoid traffic...and so much more.

But over all, I wouldn't change these experiences for the world. I like to stay on my toes, and the best way to do that is to give myself new obstacles to tackle.

MP said...

i have this convo with myself maybe 2x a month.

QB said...

I would give anything to be able and pick up and move to another city. There are SOOO many reasons that starting over is good for a lot of people.

you are most definitely not alone in the want to start over.