12 October 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a 3 day weekend and I was content to chill in the house and do nothing. Well not nothing but I was going to clean up and do some studying. Then saturday afternoon came and my cousin Puffy swung thru. We shoot the shyt for a while. He deems me sitting in the house was "fake", made countless jokes about me being old and insisted that we go out. I tried to explain to him that I was happy watching the flordia vs LSU game on my couch. He wasn't having it. So we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So were chillin laughing and messing with the waitress. You know the usual. He seemed to think every girl in the place was giving him looks and said one licked her lips at him. The best way he could describe it was she licked her lips like a cow... lol So I glance at the chick and she has a cassie cut going on. 3/4 of her head was shaved, Puffy named this the "trump". Yeah not exactly eye candy lol

So were chilling eating, drinking and watching football. Then Puffy eats a nacho with a jalapeno on it. You would have thought he ate the 911 sauce at cluck U chicken! he started drinking every glass of fluid at the table. I jokingly told him he needed some milk to kill the heat. Then he asked the waitress for some. I immediately protested! no grown ass man orders milk at the bar! GTFOH!!! I'm sure it breaks some man law.

The waitress feels bad and brings it. Mind you this is the same cousin who ordered a ice cream cake last time we went to the bar. I'm starting to wonder about him lol. The waitress says it's her first time bringing a adult a glass of milk... smh Here's his pic of shame!!!

So Sunday I decided to do some yard work and throw this chick on the grill. I made beer can chicken before and wanted to try it again. This time I marinated the chicken overnight before I put it on the grill. It went from this

to this... the chicken was great, hickory smoked goodness! I mean really I could sell it. I ended up pouring beer in a pepsi can because I only have bottles of beer.

Anyway besides that I didn't do much. I'm trying to keep a low profile this fall. Get some stuff straight in the building. Lets see if I can keep it up.


Ieisha said...

The chicken looks good. On Sunday I made jerked chicken...was good...and a cinnamon streusel sweet potato pie.

Mad you got ya guy on blast with his glass of milk. Buddha would ask for chocolate though, lol.

Where do you get the little chicken stand from? Specialty kitchen store?

Tiffany Nicole said...

No cuzo didn't drink milk ordered from the bar and then thru a straw! I'm too thru!!

Kingsmomma said...

damn...that would probably make a good sandwich

and your cousin is getting all kind of side eyes from

Ms. Insatiable said...

that chicken looks delicious! You are a grill master. You should challenge Bobby Flay.

Puffy violated man code #15 "Thou shall not order stuff at public outings that any male under the age of 10 would order". I'm not even a dude and I know that. LOL

It's definitely hibernation season. See you in the spring!

buttahflychronicles said...

First off. How have you written 5 posts that I haven't read. I don't get it what happened? And I can't even remember the last time I commented here. I'm sorry.

Anywho. What are you studying for? Do I just have to read back to find out?

You know, in the 9th grade I had part of my hair shaved off. It was called a taper. I got into soooo much trouble with my dad for letting that happen. He's a long hair man, lol.

Puffy just don't care too much about man laws I guess, lol.

inc23 said...

LMAO you are wrong for that pic of shame! i have never seen a grown man drink a glass of milk in public!

that chicken looks AMAZING!

Ms. Behaving said...

Clearly, there is NO shame in your cousins game!!! LOL

That chicken looks damn good...

Got me ready to hop up off this bed and hit up the nearest chicken shack!! Either that or you can send me one via same day delivery (please and thanks)!