12 November 2009

Blog awards

Soo Mimi hit me with a blog award

Which I have not seen in a looonngg time. I remember when these things were everywhere and I refused to participate in them. Now i never see them, That said I'ma forward some love to some blogs I read that you may be missing out on...

- She has a opinion on just about everything, she used to be all over twitter but now she is in rehab for her heel fetish... lol

contagiouslyCRANKY - Her stories are funny, actually her life is 1 reality TV show I would watch and hate at the same time lol

- She's a mom of 3, fights for whats right and drops real knowledge along the way. She's blunt and too the point, what more can you ask for?

Freedom - She's posts plenty of things that will get you thinking and get you inspired, reading her blog is like going to church lol


Kingsmomma said...

Well thank you?
ANd you're on time out for that heel fetish comment... you've got a fetish too..fess up my homie from philly

Caspar608 said...

thanks SDVB

You're living proof that there are some phenomenal Dads out there.

Don't really know ya, but I am sure proud of ya!

Keep up the good work. : )