03 November 2009

Live From the Corner...

It's been a while since I've mentioned my job but let me touch on a few things..

- We got some new security procedures. for the last 10 years we have have metal detectors and bag checks. I guess this was just too much work because now we just swipe our ID badge and go thru a gate. No checks, you can bring whatever you want into the building. Really I'm loving this, emptying your pockets at the door was a pain in the ass, now i don't even have to take off my headphones. Plus the security guards don't have to front like they are working anymore. It's a win win.

- We got some new interns. I caught one of them sleeping at his desk. I just tapped him on the shoulder and said he should go get a soda or something to stay up. I was nice about it, hell I've been sleep at my desk before too. 2 weeks later he's sleep AGAIN, this time his boss sees him. Bossman tells him if he wants to sleep he should pack up and go home, not fired just go home. You know this fool had the nerve too catch a attidude? I was sittting there in shock, for 1 that this kid had the nerve to talk back and for 2 that they didn't send him packing that day. We have job corps interns so the get flown in from around the US, given a place to live and a job. It's unpaid work but your getting a free trip to DC and work experience. This fool should have been happy to be here. If it were my company his ass would have been escorted out.

- My project from hell is winding down, funny thing is the more issues I had the calmer I got. My mind works better when it's pushed.

- This dude right here made my day.

not only does he have his phone clipped to his shoe, but I'm pretty sure he's rocking womens socks. BTW he's one of the coolest gay dudes I've ever met. At least I think he's gay. Ok next topic lol

*note if you went thru the pictures in my phone you would see I have issues, me and a camra phone = trouble*

- I brought my daughter to work with me a couple weeks ago I was sure she would act a fool but she was well behaved. Thank god for the women in my office, they gave her crayons and worksheets and kept her busy. I swear women are the greatest creation ever lol

Aight ya'll be good till next time.


This One Woman said...

You are very right about women. Have a good day.

Ieisha said...

I am so glad you finally have seen the light. Women ARE the best creation ever! Pass it on!

As for ya homeboy and his socks & shoes...why is the phone on his shoe? He doesn't wear a belt? Doesn't it get damaged?

And speaking of pics....I wish my phone didn't make the awful shutter noise when I took a pic. That's what keeps me from capturing all the madness I see on a daily basis.

Sleeping homeboy at ya job....it's called Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy. Is he a villager? If not, talk to him and give him the skinny on what he's facing in the workplace.

Aight...I'm done now, lol.

buttahflychronicles said...

A good question would be why do we keep crayons and shit in our desks? Cause we like to be ready for anything I guess. I have toys too, lol.

And oh, the managment(at least one of them) probably made some sort of deal with that kids "representation" or something. His boss probably just wants to get through whatever commitment he made and then be done with it. I've seen my boss try to act like he was being hard on kids who couldn't return phone calls when being invited to an interview. I asked him if we were running a damn daycare once but I think he warns them about me cause he knows I don't like handshake hires. Especially when all the benefactors are rich white kids.

I mean, one drove up here in a luxury car everyday last summer and the other owns a horse. Their parents are rich and want them to learn some responsibilities so we are the training grounds.

Okay, I know this was a long rambling comment. Sorry.

buttahflychronicles said...

Ieisha: You know I saw an app on crackberry.com (don't know if you have a bb) for like $5(I think) that would turn your shutter noise off. Check it out.

12kyle said...

Nooooo! Not the phone on the shoe. Maaad corny!

Ms. Behaving said...

Yep...those are DEFINITELY womens socks!!! LOL

Oh and you're totally right about women being awesome (I mean errr..."the greatest creation ever").

That we are maaaaaaan...that we are!!!

decadentpeach said...

those are the NICE church/business casual socks u get from Dillards or Macy's lmao

I MAD you had a pic of him with his phone clipped to his shoe #wheredeydodatat

My new phone + random fuckery in and around atlanta = trouble as well

That intern sounds like he hasnt been watching the news for the past year or so WE ARE IN A RECESSION :-/ Jesus be a clue

Kingsmomma said...

Dude was wearing stockings!

I am soo glad you realized that we are the best creations...remember that when you're mad at us for something!

they don't get paid but they do get a stipend at the end (pretty sizable i guess) and they do get loan forgiveness...i woulda fired him