06 November 2009

Tell'em how you feel Friday

I jacked this from my homie Brran1, you can check him out over at the black lounge....

1. When I'm down you make me smile, even though I know you will please never change.

2. I'm sorry and I'll do better, I'm still growing

3. We both want the same thing, why is this to hard?

4. You like starting shyt and I like finishing it.

5. Dude seriously you need to move back, it's not the same without you.

6. Just know that even though we don't talk often, when we do I leave inspired. I still look up to you.

7. I want to hold your hand and help but you have to fall in order to learn how to get up.

8. The fact that I know you look up to me pushes me to be a better role model. I owe you for that.

9. I never say it but thanks for helping raise me, your wise words are always on point.

10. The bad news is you need me, the worst news is your too stupid to know it, the good news is I no longer care. Well it's good for me.


buttahflychronicles said...

I love you man...

мiмi =) said...

you've been awarded!

Ms. Behaving said...

Cool idea for a post...
Consider it jacked!! LOL