09 November 2009

VA is far

This weekend I found myself in Ashburn, VA. for ya'll not familiar with the DMV area Ashburn is FAR, like 1.5 hours from my house. I was visiting my friend's new place since I skipped her housewarming. Once I arrived I told her she was no longer a marylander she was a virgina bamma... lol. She agreed and said she was hesitant to change her license and tags because then the change would be complete.

You see people in northern VA are different. I actually stay out of the commonwealth as much as possible. It's nice over there but it's not home, I try and stick to DC and MD. Northern VA is the definition of middle upper class, the people lack the general "hoodness" of people in my urea. Matter of fact they say AREA instead of UREA like a normal person... lol Not that it's a bad thing, just different. Spending a day in VA is REALLY like taking a trip out of town.

Anyway my friend is trying to talk me into being her neighbor since she doesn't know anyone out there and to tell the truth I was almost sold. The damn community is BEAUTIFUL! close to all kinds of stuff and they have a good school system for the baby. It's the kind of place that once your home your 5min from everything you would need. I was dragged to the welcome center and given a tour lol. Only problem is I'd never get a date out there lol.. I saw 1 black person and I'm sure there are not many single spots to hang out at. I used to live real far from the city and it kinda sucks when you have to travel back and forth for everything. When a dinner date means a 45min 1 way drive there is a problem. I can't go back to that. So yeah I might have to get married and move to VA to raise the kiddies.


Kingsmomma said...

You'd be surprised about how many people you would be able to meet once you're out there...
LMFAO at UREA....I'm sitting here like damn who the hell says Urea, maybe he got that reversed or something...Then I remembered your cooking with dave segment

Shawn Smith said...

You know it's funny. Everyone I talk to that lives in DC and MD always says the same thing "you live too far". I'm 20 mins (late at night with little to no traffic, and if the HOV lane is going south) from DC. I've got a nice house for entertaining but yet no one wants to come down.

That's alright, we talk about you all Muuurulanders too.

Ha ha.

Dopelikelouboutins said...

I've lived in the suburbs of Atl and the city and although it was nice being convenient to everything and having maybe a 20 min ride max, it's much more peaceful quiet and safe when you're just outside and in the metro area.

D.C./MD/VA sounds like a nice place to live probably more high class than Atlanta and more expensive. The only thing that turns me off are the high AIDS numbers I hear from the area lol.

Opinionated Diva said...

hmmm...all you bammas..I mean dmv'rs seem to talk alike to me. lol

lmao @ you going through the tour though!!