11 December 2009

A Day in the Life

Yesterday I have a fun day. It all started with court. Me and the BM had another court date about the child support stuff, I'm not going to go into all the details because I don't want to take a chance on it coming back on me but here are a few highlights

- Dudes rocking bubble vests and nike boots to court
- The courtroom being freezing cold
- Everyone in family court looks depressed
- Security guard at gate telling me that nobody wants to be here
- Dude rocking slacks and timbos
- BM almost getting arrested for interrupting the judge 2x
- Sheriff having to threaten the BM
- BM getting to cross examine me under oath
- My lawyer objecting half of her questions
- BM asking the most random and unimportant questions like how much I got paid for a website I designed in 2005... 2005!!!
- After court the Bailiff pulled me aside and asked how I got hooked up with that nut

And all that was before noon lol

so that evening I was supposed to meet up with my buddy for drinks. I had not seen her in a long while (she had a crazy and obsessed boyfriend, ya'll know how that goes) So were chillin, laughing, drinking and catching up. I notice this lady walks past, she was kinda cute so I noticed when she walked past a 2nd time. Then she stops at the table and asks "Excuse me, do you have a blog?" After I say yes, we laugh and exchange high fives the we all go back to what we were doing. My buddy says how awkward that would have been if she didn't know about the blog and I agree. From here on out anybody new I meet I'm telling about this lil place. If ya'll bammas going to be calling me out in public I need to be ready lol.

So anyway were chillin and the same lady comes back with some dude, my first thought was "wow hes tall" Then he introduces himself as Shawn Smith... This Shawn Smith He seemed like a cool dude, looked nothing like I would have imagined. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a pic of him. Like I said he's tall. Too tall to be my friend, He'd make me look even shorter lmao. It was a fun moment. Just another day in my life.


Shawn Smith said...

Funny Dave,

Now you know what the Thursday spot is you can come hang out.


Anonymous said...

Good Friday post!!! Would have loved to hear the cross examination that the BM gave you !!! I'm sure I would get a few chuckles. But I hoped it all worked out for you.!!! Been through the whole family court thing everybody does look depressed!!! And nobody dresses like they are going to court.!!!

And just so you know if I ever see you out I will be calling you out!!! LOL

Enjoy your weekend!!! Towanna

Kayemjay said...

Ok, I'm the crazy lady who called you out last night, and I didn't even consider that your friend might not know about the blog until I walked away. So yeah, sorry. LOL I'm going to blame that on the alcohol. But do come hang out with us on Thursdays sometime!

Dopelikelouboutins said...

Lol that is kind of awkward but flattering at the same time :-)

You always have the best stories on your blog and ^5 for giving me a new blog to read

Jurista said...

I wanna hear about the XE (sorry, cross-exam; that's our short hand here in law school)...put my rules of Evidence to work, lol)

I can only imagine what she asked you.

Lmao at ole girl asking if you blog. Famous Dave!

And I'm getting on you about dude being too tall to be your friend. He prob cool peeps and you writing him off cuz of his height, lol.

Be secure in your shortness!

RealHustla said...

I just have to know how all this drama is going to turn out. The judge didn't make a rulling for the custody? How she gone try to get money from 2005?

Young woman on a journey said...

inquiring minds definitely want to know what kind of questions BM was asking you.

Tha Management said...

Don't let the celebrity go to your head, lol! I'm glad you had a fun time at the bar

Kingsmomma said...

i would love to have been a fly on that wall. Your daughter's mom is a _______. Hope she grows up one day.

i think the girl noticed your chinky eyes