04 December 2009

Free Money!!!

Today I took this water bottle with change

and turned it into this

Damn right! $781, from change! man that money had been sitting in my closet for the longest. I only cashed it in because the bottle was heavy as hell and I was worried I'd never be able to lift it. I just started filling the bottle with loose change at the end of the day. This change used to end up on the floor. Actually it still does some days... lol But yeah not anymore I might make this a yearly Christmas tradition.

A couple stats from the pic

2 Silver Dollars (I have no idea where I got these from)
1715 Quarters
2275 Dimes
1408 Nickels
4777 Pennies

Total 781.42
Processing fee 69.55
Cash 711.87

Next time I'll take it to my bank instead of Coin Star.


Young woman on a journey said...

that's what's up! drinks on you! haha, just joking. btw...that ticket said $711 not $781. either way though, that would have never gone down in my life...i use all my change. as the people behind the counter where i purchase food. lol...

Ms. Behaving said...


You got a sistah ready to take one of these empty water bottles from the job and start doing the same!!!

I'm mad @ that $69.55 fee though...

P.S. I need a loan ---> HOLLA!!! lol

phoenix said...

Yeah can you paypal me some of that? I'll pay you back on pay day! LOL

Great idea especially since I have tons of change --- I'd love one of those bottles to see what I save in a year.

Young woman on a journey said...

um...i missed that processing fee part. lol. yeah, you need not go back there with that kind of fee.

LadyLee said...

I heard about doing this from a AM talk radio show a good 15 years ago. Save dollar bills from Christmas to christmas, and you'll have your christmas money together without a problem.

It worked great. For the past 10 years, I've been saving all my change from birthday to birthday, then taking it all down to the local coinstar and cashing it in. Sure, you have the 8% cash-in fee, but I've cashed in 50 to 200 dollars worth of change at a time and always got myself a great birthday gift.

So good for you. It's almost like getting a little free money! Definitely an automatic bootleg savings account. And you can't beat that!

Ieisha said...

Uh.....Coinstar and their fee is on some otha right about now.

But aside from the fee, good sh!t...guess it would work for me....if I actually carried cash around, lol.

But I do have "Keep the Change" from Bank of America for my debit card, so it's sorta the same....and there ain't no fee, lol.

Good look!

The baby is gonna have one helluva Christmas!

buttahflychronicles said...

Too bad I'm too frugal to EVER have loose change and the debit card rules my world.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Only change around my house are pennies. I use all my change. Actually I tried saving change once. I got to $4 and used it.

Make Money Fast said...
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FreedomFreed said...

Wow that was great! I'm going to have to try this out too!

Merry Christmas :)

sunnydelyte21 said...

Let me hold $200. LOL...just kidding