01 December 2009

Movie Reviews

1st I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday... I'm sure your gifts are in the mail so I'll be patient =)

So as of late I've been catching up on some movies I missed over the summer. Here's my review of a couple

G.I Joe: It just was ok, I don't think they destroyed my memories of the cartoon. Honestly nothing is going to be the original G.I Joe movie with Cobra la la la!!!

Transformers 2: Yeah I could have done without this, the first one was amazing. Now they have a bunch of transformers I've never heard of. The best part was Devastator and they didn't even do the constructabots justice. I mean can we get a Dinobot already?

Twilight: Now I only watched this because my buddy wanted to go see new moon. I was highly unimpressed, it was a vampire love story. Not like I haven't seen 2 billion of them before. Plus the lead dude was creepy and dull.

New Moon: I actually enjoyed this, it had more action and better dialog then the first one. Besides the constantly shirtless dudes it was entertaining. It made the story more complex. The ending was WACK!! but it's one of those ending that forces you to see the next movie

Black Dynamite: Alot of people have not heard of this movie. It's only playing in select cities and DC is not one of them. I saw a trailer and decided to use all my bootleg connects to et a copy. It was either that or drive up to NYC to see a movie. Anyway I finally got a copy and let me tell you... This movie was great! I was crying laughing. It's a movie that tries to make fun of itsself. The music was good, story was just silly enough to be funny and the actors were just having fun. It's getting added to my list of classic movies. matter of fact here is the trailer Leon put up that got me hooked...


Ieisha said...

I'll take your word on Twilight & New Moon cuz I know I'm not gonna see it.

I have yet to see G.I. Joe and Transformers 2. But my last final exam is Dec. 20 so I will be a movie watching queen after that! I'll put these two on my list.

Mister saw Ninja Assassins and he said it was good.

The last time I've been to the movies........uh.......yeah.

I did just finish reading Push by Sapphire so I will be seeing Precious in the very near future.

Kingsmomma said...

G.I joe was doomed from the start, Transformers seemed like one big opportunity to show off megan fox's new lips. what a damn joke. was like watching dry porn.

not even going to sit through either of the interview with teh vampires

Ms. Insatiable said...

Dude, I have Black Dynamite at home. That ish is hilarious! The best comedy movie after The Hangover.

This summer's movies sucked for the most part. I wonder if 2010 movies will be better. *shrug*

sunnydelyte21 said...

I saw Twilight and it was great..can't wait to see New Moon