20 December 2009

Snow Storm

This weekend DC got hit with 24inches of snow. Now I know you folks in Buffalo, Detroit and Maine see this all the time but us in the DMV get this maybe once every 10 years... Anyway here's my snow storm in pics:

This was on Saturday, It snowed ALL damn day

My Deck.. the day after

This my snow gear.. Only with a North Face can I just wear a undershirt and a coat lol

I have a sidewalk under there somewhere

My neighbors dug out the Christmas decorations....

Sidewalk done!

My Car's windshield is under there.

After I dug myself out I drove over to my moms house to dig out her car

Done and Done...

So besides my me and my mom I helped like 4 people dig out their cars... Honestly nothing is funnier then seeing someone try and move that much snow with a dust pan and a broom. While everyone was in the grocery store buying milk and bread some of them should have been buying a snow shovel.


Caspar608 said...

make sure you take two aspirin before digging anyone out of anything involving snow and the cold.

most heart attacks occur during snowstorms...I'm serious.

you are 30 now you know...


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Wow, haven't seen that much snow in a long time. You're a great son to help mom dig out her car :-)

Ieisha said...

Laughing at the random stat about heart attacks happening during snow shoveling. Is that what did Brittany Murphy in?

I like how the flash strategically covers your face in the pic of you. Clever! Lol.

And I know we get snow ALL the time but damn, it feels good to NOT be on the receiving end this time around. Whew!

I can still see my grass.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

LOL @ the dust pan and broom. That's something we do here in Arkansas.