09 December 2009

Winter Relationships Revisited

I was telling someone how I can't remember the last time I bought a christmas gift for a girl besides my daughter. It's not that I'm cheap I just never seem to have anyone over the holidays. Then I remembered a post I did back in jan 08. It was pretty short so I'll just repost it here

As the holiday season draws to a close I'm reminded of something my uncle Curtis told me years ago. Never get a new girl in the winter. I mean Never, just too much going on for a new relationship to survive. think about it, you have Thanksgiving, where she just might meet the family. Once she meets the family they will ask about her forever, you don't need that for some girl who might not even last a month. Then you have to get her something for Christmas, which is a disaster because something too nice and your committed to buying nice things forever, something too cheap and she thinks you really don't care and she is just another jumpoff. Plus she may see the family again so they will really ask about her all the time. It's a no win. Then you have to take her out for new years, that's more money on a girl you may or may not think will last till the spring. THEN you have Valentines Day!!! which is a all girl day, dudes get squat for V-day. So you have to do something romantic for that. So in 1 season you have a years worth of relationship stuff, that's just not a good thing. Better to wait till the spring and give it all spring, summer and fall to get to know her before having to go thru all that. My uncle is a wise man, I can only hope to teach the youth as well as he taught me.

While I posted it because I though it was funny and my uncle is a fool for telling this. I think I subconsciously live it... My more recent relationships have followed that same pattern. Granted I did have a girl around valentines day this year but she just barely made it in time for that. I more summer flings then winter ones.

Anyway yeah I still got relationships on the brain... lol I promise to blog about something funny soon.


Stefanie said...

LOL @ Uncle Curtis' comments. The winter is full of holidays which can lead to higher expense and definitely time around family. Personally, I think if a relationship is new come winter, the partner shouldn't be meeting the family that early on. Save that for the next year after the relationship has survived a few seasons.

Kingsmomma said...

LMAO i wonder if Uncle Curtis is out the telling all young boys this as they exit high school.
Too funny.
i would have thought it would be the opposite.

Well i'm sure you'll find someone sooner than later.

RealHustla said...

Maybe men would do better in relationships if they would spend less time trying to avoid relationship stuff. Yes, that is a lot for just one season, but if it doesn't work out, its probably not because of the quality of your gifts or your family. Once you get into a relationship you have to BE in it if you want it to last.

Patreisha said...
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Pe. Riche. said...

I'm a woman and I like still like your Uncle's logic. Too much too soon is just the ultimate equation for disaster. Besides, the spring has more of a laid back, relaxed feel, and is void of the the hurriedness that comes with winter, so it makes sense to start new relationships in the spring.

WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

If you could choose the time when that special person is going to enter your life then I defintitely think SPRING is ideal....everything is new and beautiful...perfect time for a relationship to grow!!

The Jaded NYer said...

Uncle Curtis ain't NEVA LIED! lol

Ieisha said...

I think relationships are overrated. Don't get me started on marriage.

My solution? Don't celebrate Christmas commercially.

That was easy. (a la Staples, lol)

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

My boyfriend and I became a couple in November (3 years ago) and we have a simple way of handling things. Our logic: we're both in college. Neither of us has money for all the extravagance and hooplah right now. We both get each other something meaningful for Christmas. Yet we get one another something nice, and we make that count for all those little holidays, instead of getting seperate gifts for each one. His birthday, our anniversary, thanksgiving, christmas, and v-day all fall in the same season... we'd go broke trying to do all that!

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