07 January 2009

Internet Pimpin

Over the years the internet has become more and more a dating tool. I've met a couple women off the net, no stalkers or crazy people. In general they just normal folk. Let me recap a few sites I've used.

blackplanet.com - I was using blackplanet back in the late 90's. It was the shyt!! by the time 2001 hit I was over it and my buddy told me he only used it to find jumpoffs.... Nice but I'll pass. there was also a spanish version, but since I don't speak spanish I never used it. I didn't even know people still used it until recently.

myspace.com - I was introduced to myspace in like 2005 I guess, at first I didn't get it. It seemed like kiddie stuff, I added my friends and family just as a way to keep in touch. Then I randomly surfed some profiles and added more girls. most the girls I was attracted to ignored me for course. Eventually I focused my page to the clothing line and stopped trying to use it to meet girls. Then everyone and they momma decided to add me. internet women loved me. I ended up going out with a couple of them. Like I said they were pretty normal, we had fun and I'm still friends with some of them. Some people use myspace as their personal dating site which is cool I guess, I can at least understand how it would work. I'll still pass though.

facebook.com - Facebook started much like myspace did for me. A couple years ago i opened an account and didn't really care about it. Then I added a couple people and it kinda got addictive. Then some old classmates I barely remember added me. Then some girls I didn't know added me and I saw how it could become another date finder. I've actually never dated off facebook though, I'm over actively meeting women on networking sites.

tagged.com - I had no idea this site even existed till a couple weeks ago. A friend send me a invite with a half naked pic of her. I had to join to see the rest of the pics. So of course I did.. lol come to find out this is like jumpoff capital of the net. It's really geared to finding people. They send you random profiles and ask if you like the person, if you click yes they notify the other person so ya'll can meet. It's crazy, I was browsing profiles and saw this 17y/o lesbian girl who was topless in her pic. TOPLESS!!! that's child porn right? well at least she was listed as 17, I hope she is older. My cousin told me how he loves the site and he has a group of fine women as his friends. They make it super easy to meet new people. Personally I just wanted to see some pics of my friend. I can't get sucked into another site. Recently some girl in my area added me as a friend. She's kinda cute too.. no Dave, were done meeting women online.

ps: none of this applies to people I've met thru blogging. You guys are the best!

06 January 2009


This pic had me crying at my desk this morning.
My co-worker told this joke yesterday and I've been laughing ever sense.

"Did you see the ninja parade the other day? No? Exactly!!!"

As you can see I'm easily amused.

04 January 2009

Wax Museum Fun

Yesterday Me, the baby and My buddy Netty went to Madame Tussauds wax museum. I had never been before and to be honest they were creepy as hell. My daughter was cool untill some other kid said they were scared. Then she got scared, then she saw Obama's statue. After seeing him she was cool. Here are some pics

Me and Muhammed Ali

me the baby and 1/2 of Obama's head.. lol

Me and the baby addressing the Press. Peep my security.

Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman

Yoko Ono and Martin Luther King (I have no idea why they were together)

The group of pics below is what happens when a 4 year old takes control of the camera:

Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards player) You see they even added his tattoos.

Tiger Woods (he was kneeling down to her level)

I don't know who this is, I think it was a news caster.

Larry King

Abarham Lincoln

Lets end this with what was by far the creepiest picture I took. A close up of Tom Cruise