16 January 2009

A Thank You

I wanna take a moment to thanks some people I never mention on this hear blog.

Wack ignorant Dudes or Weenie Ass Niggas (as my boy Boss Mack Says)

Basicly dudes who type girls like Dope like Louboutins messages like this:

"wats gud wit ya slid thru ya page n u is cute i jus moved at ta da A n buckhead rm da bay lukin fo uh friend so hit mi bac if ya lik aight guddayz"

Or dudes who go out on dates with girls like Pink and do shyt like:

"He starts embarrassin the SHIT outta me. he proceeds to ask the FOINE ass server how much drinks are. and i dont mean drinks in general...i mean, like several DIFFERENT drinks."

And lets not forget all the dudes who felt like wearing tight pants and lil shirts and scarfs was the new hood look. You know all that stuff that used to be reserved for gay men. Now women don't know who is gay and who isn't.

You see these dudes make my life so much easier. Compared to them my dysfunctional ass looks like gold. So from all the folks at Babby Daddy Diaries I wanna say

Thank You Wack Ass Tight Jean wearing Dude.

Have a good weekend folks..

14 January 2009

Part Time Lover pt 2

I'll admit that I suck at replying to comments. I need to do better. I was about to reply to some comments from my last post buy I figured it would be easier just to post a part 2. I love the fact I have a bunch of women readers. Women read what they want into stuff, your comments help me understand how what I say gets processed.. lol. I wanted to clear up a couple things though.

All I said I was staying single, I never said I wasn't dating anymore. I need to date women to keep my sanity. Nobody mentioned what my baby momma was doing. Honestly what she is doing has zero effect on me. I didn't say I was giving up on women. One of my friends even called me "The Grinch that stole Love" after the post. While I love nicknames I don't think I can rock that one. Especially since I didn't even mention love in the post. I was referring to relationships. Not love and Not dating. I equate dating with random calls, going out every once and a while and so on. You can date alot of people. A relationship requires work to make sure the other party is happy. You generally have a relationship with 1 person. If your dating then your just trying to have fun it's nothing too serious, if I hear from you in a couple days who cares? It's alot more casual.

So just so were all on the same page. Dave does date, but Dave is not looking for a relationship. Thanks, your the best!

13 January 2009

Part Time Lover

So I've been thinking about how i could function in an actual relationship. My usual day involves going to work, pickup my daughter, cooking dinner, giving her a bath then dropping her off to her mom. So where exactly does dating fit in there? I usually date on the 4 days a month I don't have my daughter. this creates a problem in a couple ways. 1. I place a high value on my non working non daddy time. So I don't just hang out with anyone, because I can't be wasting it. 2. I have to divide that time between dating and my own personal time.

So that got me to thinking about how much time I could devote to a relationship. Unless we are doing something with my daughter or the girl is spending the night they wouldn't see me much. Maybe that's a good thing though. I get bored easily so maybe not seeing someone 4 times a week will keep me interested. I don't know, come to think about it I have no idea how relationships work. Being single is oh so easy... lol Why complicate life? yep that's it I'm staying single. Please ignore any wife talk I may have mention on this blog before. Thanks!

12 January 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

I don't really feel like blogging. no real reason just being lazy. I don't even feel like reading blogs, I'll make my blog rounds a lil later. But here's how my weekend shaped up.

Friday: went to the B-more Comedy Factory. It was great, the comedians were funny the drinks flowed and I even got treated to dinner. Good times indeed.

Saturday: Went to the Spy Museum in DC, Cool place but you got to be ready to read... lol I saw "Not Easily Broken" in which the main character and I share a name. It's hella creepy to see someone with your name in a movie. I might start a company named "Dave's All Pro ________" though... lol The movie was blah to me but the message is good. Oh we also found a cupcake place in DC called Red Velvet. So of course we got the red velvet cupcakes.... yeah Mine are better.. lol

Sunday: Stayed in the house all day watching football and doing laundry. I'm highly pissed that the chargers lost.

No cooking or baking, like I said I've been lazy.