22 January 2009


I FINALLY finished reading "A Purpose driven Life" by Rick Warren. You know the dude who read a prayer at the Inauguration. I was reading it with Freedom but I read slow so I kinda fell behind. Your supposed to read a chapter a day and my mind don't work like that on weekends. Anyway It was a good book, even though i don't claim to be a Christian I found it interesting and made me think about stuff.

Cooking with Dave... you remember that lil side project? yeah were slippin on it. I don't even know when a new episode will be shot. You'll just have to watch Darius' show until we get our act together, his food looks way better than mine anyway... lol

I successfully shipped some cupcakes a few weeks ago. I might do some cupcake give aways unless I get too lazy. Actually forget I said that, I feel lazy already. I've also perfected a chicken strip recipe that will be world famous. You know once I'm able to film it and all that.

Let me end with a story about how chivalry is dead. There was a fire drill at my job. The building let out and it was around 20 - 25 degrees outside. It was cold. So cold that when the alarm went off people went back to their office to get their coats, damn safety. Then I saw this dude in a wool coat, buttoned all the way up with his hands in his pockets. Leaning on him was a girl in a sweater, skirt and knee high boots. She looked hella cold. At first I thought that was kinda messed up and dude should have tried to help her stay warm. Then I realized that the women was his WIFE!!! at that point I couldn't stop staring and thinking how she is not demanding he open his coat and keep her warm. He could of at least put his arm around her, I mean do something more than stand there and let her lean on him. I guess that's just how they roll.

21 January 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Since I have not been to work since Friday her is my wrap-up.

Friday: chilled in the house with the baby, nothing special finished up some projects.

Saturday: hung out with the baby half the day, it was too cold to go anywhere but I did go out with a girl who made me rethink my whole single status. She will get no nickname and most likely I won't mention her again on here. Bad JuJu

Sunday: My dad responded to me. It was positive too.

Monday: went to see "Notorious" It was pretty good, even though I know the story it was nice to see. It's a good movie. My mom wants to go see it.

Tuesday: Watched the Inauguration on CNN while trying to convince my daughter it was better than watching cartoons. All the people down there looked COLD!!! At first I wished I was there but the CNN coverage was cool.

Today it's soo quiet at work. I think everyone is hungover or sleep from partying. I hope everyone who came to town had a good time!